Oukitel K4000 Plus Review – Privacy, Security and Durability for only 89$

After Xiaomi Redmi 4X we bring you another interesting budget phone in our Oukitel K4000 Plus Review. This compact smartphone’s key features are durability, security, privacy and endurance. Does K4000 Plus have what it takes to shake the market? Find out in our K4000 Plus Review.

Oukitel K4000 Plus Review – Specs

Measuring at just 5-inches the phone is very comfortable to use with one hand. I was surprised by the quality HD IPS panel used here, as it offers great sunlight visibility.

Talking on a smaller headset is much easier compared to standard 5.5-inch devices today. Powered by the efficient MTK6737M quad-core chip, K4000 Plus is not mean to be a powerhouse.

Instead it focuses on battery life with the 4100mAh battery and great standby times. Memory configuration is 2GB RAM and 16 GB(expandable up to 128GB) Storage. The phone supports dual-sims with one being Micro/Nano sim capable and supports 4G/LTE Bands 1,3,7,8 and Band 20!

Oukitel K4000 Plus Review – Design and Build Quality

Coming at only ~100$ we shouldn’t expect anything outstanding from Oukitel, however, this little phone amazes me.

Not only does it have the toughest Asahi glass and accurate front fingerprint scanner, but also a metal rim.

oukitel k4000 plus review fingerprint scanner


You can solely use the fingerprint scanner for navigation as it doubles as a back, home and recent apps button. On-screen keys can also be activated from the settings menu. Craftsmanship here is excellent, you won’t find any design or construction flaws in K4000 Plus. Materials are not spared here and in general Oukitel’s latest budget phone is a bit on the heavy side compared to Redmi 4X. You have all your essentials like headphone jack, noise cancelling microphone and mUSB charging port present.

A removable back cover is present from which you can access the sim-trays, however, the battery is not removable.

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Oukitel K4000 Plus Software – Oukitel OS focuses on Privacy, Security and Functionality

Running Oukitel OS 1.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow the K4000 Plus user interface resembles a mix between MIUI and FlymeOS. Plenty of useful features have been added.

Things like themes, antivirus and thrash cleaner along with privacy and property apps. Another noteworthy addition is the QuickTouch widget. A small floating dot which is fully customizable and capable of awesome tricks. Pressing it once takes you to a selected app/functions menu, which you can fully customize.

Doubles press or hold functions can also be customized to pretty much do anything from opening an app to switching on your GPS.

Privacy system is a separate home screen where you can add valuable private photo, videos, apps and recordings.

Property system functions as a separate user and incognito mode for your financial or creative apps you don’t want tracked. Once you move an app in it disappears from your home screen.

Oukitel K4000 Plus Performance

Thanks to very good optimizations within Oukitel OS 1.0 the K4000 Plus handles everyday tasks quite good. What it may lack in specs it certainly makes up with great ram management and functionality. Multi-tasking works great, considering K4000 Plus only has 2GB RAM.

Using an entry-level chip quad-core chip results in heavy 3D games lag, however, most light and moderate 3D games run just fine.

Benchmarks confirm my statements, however, the phone handles everyday tasks quite well, which is the most important factor.

Oukitel K4000 Plus Connectivity and Call Quality

Wi-fi and signal reception have been more than fine. GPS positioning and accuracy were also superb. Superb call quality and reception, something even more expensive phones don’t focus on, but should.

Oukitel K4000 Plus Battery Life

As previously stated the smaller MT6737M chip along with 4100mAh battery deliver great battery backup.

Standby times of over 7 days on a single charge or 2-3 days of heavy usage are not problem here. Charging takes around 3 hours to fully be completed with the provided charger. No additional fast charging capabilities can be found here.

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Oukitel K4000 Plus Camera Review

Unfortunately, we’ve come to the Achilles heel of the K4000 Plus. Camera quality can be described as average at best.

Enabling HDR brings out the best out of the front cam, which is the better camera overall.

The main camera experience is lackluster at best. In too bright conditions images appear overexposed and HDR really doesn’t help. With a small f/2.8 aperture low light shots are dim and grainy. The best shots you can get are on a cloudy day ,as the camera doesn’t have to overcompensate. Video recording is the bare minimum with HD video available from the main cam and SD from the front cam.

Oukitel K4000 Plus Review – Pros and Cons

K4000 Plus Pros – Great Battery Life, Strong and Durable Body/Screen, Compact size, Security and Privacy Features, Good RAM Management
K4000 Plus Cons – Lacklustre cameras and video recording, still running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Heavier than most, No Gyroscope

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