Meizu vs Xiaomi? Meizu E2 vs Redmi Note 4

With Redmi Note 4X making headlines, Meizu has already struck back with Meizu E2, let’s do this Meizu vs Xiaomi – here we go. Meizu phones usually take a different approach compared to Xiaomi’s best specs one. Meizu E2 is no exception with its m-touch button along with a more premium design and better build quality. Having said that Helio P20 is very close to Snapdragon 625. Let’s continue the debate.

Meizu E2 Specs and Redmi Note 4 Specs Comparison

First looks reveal mostly similar specs. Both headsets are 5.5-inches with FHD displays and feature headphone jacks. Both phones pack processors with eight CPU cores and equal 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Main cameras feature 13MP sensors for both with Xiaomi having larger pixels. Front cameras are different with Meizu E2 offering 8MP with bigger pixels, compared to Redmi Note 4’s 5MP one. Both 32GB storages can naturally be expanded using SD cards. Most noteworthy Redmi Note 4 has a bigger 4100mAh battery compared to Meizu’s 3400mAh one. Redmi Note 4 has around 25% better battery life, but E2 charges faster, so it’s a fair trade-off. I would prefer Redmi Note 4’s battery though.

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meizu vs xiaomi specs comparison meizu vs xiaomi specs comparison

Here are Meizu E2 benchmarks Antutu and Geekbench

meizu vs xiaomi antutu comparison meizu vs xiaomi geekbench comparison

and now Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Antutu and Geekbench

DAAAAamn it’s close! That Helio P20 multi-core score though!

best xiaomi price

Let’s take a proper look at Meizu E2 with the cool Quad-Led Flash.

Nice and neat, eh? How about bad boy Redmi Note 4?

If you’ve never held Meizu E2, you can say Redmi Note 4 is better, but my heart is set on that neat white E2 with a shiny metal rim.

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Meizu vs Xiaomi? Flyme 6 or MIUI 8

Both companies have fine-tuned their software almost to perfection. I have been using both companies for ages, and I personally prefer FlymeOS. Before you go pitchforks and torches on me, let me explain. Meizu targets ease of use and minimalistic design, while Xiaomi goes for a more flashy and heavy look. As we speak MIUI still hasn’t got a Split-screen multi-tasking or screen-recording feature! Meizu has those for over a year now. Another key Flyme win for me is the mTouch and mCharge features. Meizu offers faster charging and I prefer front fingerprint scanners. Xiaomi has those but in more expensive models.

best price

Meizu vs Xiaomi? Go for a better selfie camera or better main one?

I love that both E2 and Note 4 have gone in different directions with the camera. I’ll go straight out and just tell you – Redmi Note 4 has a much better back camera, while E2 has a great Selfie one. Both phones lack in the opposite sides, though. If I have to go for a camera phone, my pick would be Redmi Note 4, as I don’t care all that much for selfies, but if you do Meizu E2 is for you.

meizu or xiaomi meizu e2 redmi note 4

meizu or xiaomi meizu e2 redmi note 4

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Meizu vs Xiaomi Conclusion

The age old question Meizu or Xiaomi is yet to be decided, both E2 and Redmi Note 4 offer great packages with barely a few shortcomings. Considering both are below 200$ right now, you can take your pick. This reviewer would choose Redmi Note 4, just for the camera and battery, however, I will sacrifice, build quality, software features and selfies. What would you pick? What’s the most important for you in a phone? Leave a comment below!

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