Zebronics Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers Review (Budget Speakers Under 35$)

Recently I was looking for a budget bluetooth multimedia speakers which I can add to my setup to monitor my audio while editing and there are lots of options out there in the market and it’s really difficult to find the right   one according to your preference, in the meantime I also don’t wanted to spend too much. So after doing some research I found a multimedia speakers from a company called Zebronics and after using it for about a week I thought let’s do a review on this.

Excited so let’s get started.

Video Review (Highly Recommended)


If you are one of those who don’t want to spent too much on a multimedia speaker and still want a good sound output with some extra added features then I am pretty sure that you will going to like this one.

So first let’s do a quick unboxing of this speaker and see what we are getting inside the box. The very first thing that we will be getting is the speakers itself, you will get 2 speakers which means it’s a 2.1 channel system. Along with the speakers you will get the remote though which you can control the system, additionally you will get this cable through which you can connect these speakers to you PC but do remember that you can also connect these speaker through Bluetooth. Now the last thing that you will get inside the box the front firing woofers which is having an x shaped design just like the speakers.


  • Design & Aesthetics

Now let’s talk about the aesthetics, the speakers along with the front firing woofer is ergonomically designed and crafted which gives it a unique feel, the x shaped design not only looks beautiful but also adds an another dimension to its design factor and personally I like the way it is designed.

It has a glossy finish and metal grills which gives it a premium feel and makes it the centre of attraction, it can also be wall mounted to give you a complete surround sound experience but I am just using it along with my editing setup to monitor audio or sometime I used to listen music.

Now if you take a closer look then you will find that it has multi-coloured LED embedded on the subwoofer which changes on every beat of your music and this feature is the main factor why I bought these speakers because it gives a more modern look to my setup, expressing an X factor of beautiful colour and sound and if you are one of those who are looking for a set of speakers for you gaming setup then I will highly recommend these to go for.


  • Sound Quality

Now let’s talk about its sound quality, this multimedia speaker has a front firing sub-woofer power packed with powerful 60W RMS output which is quite enough to give you a high quality and powerful sound with the thumping bass and beats, in my usage of 7 days I found these speaker to descent sounding at 70 % of volume level, but if you increase the volume beyond that then the output sound it bit noisy and less clears but I thinks common with most of the speakers out there.

The overall sound quality of these speaker are above average in my opinion, while you are listening to music the speaker’s turns out intense vibrations of the powerful bass frequencies. Its impeccable clarity and optimal listening experience is what makes it different from others of the same price range.

Now there are 2 option available to connect these speakers the first one is through the old school 3.5 mm jack and additionally it also supports Bluetooth 4.0 connection, which allows users to stream high-fidelity sound from their phones, tablets or computers with solid wireless connectivity up to 10 meters making it the ultimate portable speaker for indoors or outdoors.

The speakers are designed to thrill all music lovers with electrifying features that includes USB player, SD Card Reader and Digital FM. Groove to the music from your favourite Radio stations with the Built in FM radio, which shall keep the users entertained all the while. Docketed along is its fully functional remote control, aiding the user to adjust volume levels, mute and several other functionalities from anywhere in the room, building the comfort among its users.

So all and this is a quite powerful and affordable multimedia speaker with lots of extra added features and the best part is that it’s quite affordable and you can get one for yourself from Amazon for about 2200 INR which is roughly equal to 35 USD.


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