Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review – Superb Budget Phone Now Only 111$!

Xiaomi is offering amazing value with their latest and best budget phone to date – Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review (Redmi 4 India) with Snapdragon 435. With competition from Samsung J3, Moto C, and Meizu M5 the budget mobile segment is pretty saturated. All of these budget mobiles offer decent value. However, Redmi 4X Global/Redmi 4 India offers the most value for your money!

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review – Specs and Comparison

Compared to competing phones Xiaomi phones shine with better specs. Most noteworthy, Xiaomi went an extra mile with Redmi 4X.

xiaomi redmi 4x review

You won’t find better specs in a ~100$ phone, not by a long shot!

Key features being the 4100mAh battery and superb Front and Back cameras for the price category.
Furthermore, packing an IR remote control along with a wide array of sensors at your disposal. You won’t find anything missing between Redmi 4X compared to 300$+ phones, except NFC and USB-C, which is a fair tradeoff.

Nokia 5 Comparison

redmi 4x nokia 5 comparison

Most noteworthy Redmi 4X overwhelms Nokia 5 with more RAM, more Storage, bigger battery and faster chip.

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Samsung J3 2017 Comparison

samsung j3 redmi 4x comparison

xiaomi samsung phone comparison

Priced at 200$ Samsung J3 2017 offers a slower Quad-Core chip, a laughable 5MP main camera, and only 1.5GB RAM!

xiaomi redmi 4x review
Redmi 4X next to another budget mobile – Vernee Thor E

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review – Design and Build Quality

Most of you following my reviews know I value build quality and cameras mostly above specs. Luckily, Xiaomi’s latest budget device has no negatives at this price.

redmi 4x design and quality

redmi 4x review fingerprint scanner

xiaomi redmi ir remote

Providing a nice metal back with a cool 2.5D Glass with IR Blaster and a fast fingerprint scanner is something even 200$ phones don’t have! Most noteworthy you get a headphone jack, something that 500$ phones don’t have these days, LOL!

xiaomi redmi 4x review

The bottom houses the mUSB charging port and single speaker with two grills. Capacitive buttons are used for navigation, however, they are not backlit. Worth mentioning, there is a notification light just below the home button, but buttons are not backlit.

small budget phone xiaomi

Measuring just 5 inches this headset is super easy to handle, especially with one hand. Also, the display offers great sunlight visibility for its class.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review – MIUI Global

Out of the many worthy Xiaomi features, MIUI definitely stands out. Offering rich customizations through free wallpapers and themes.

This global version really stands out, amazing how far Xiaomi has come in reach of western customers. Offering multi-language support and full Google integration with Google Assistant.

redmi4x miui global stable

My favorite part about Xiaomi phones remains the IR Remote control. Being able to link your entire media station to your phone is super-convenient.

Additionally, MIUI includes second space, dual apps, and app lock.

best price

Redmi 4X Review – Benchmarks, Gaming, and Battery Life

When it comes to budget devices, we tend to lower performance expectations. In a market dominated by quad-core MTK chips, Xiaomi really changes the game with Snapdragon 435. Now, don’t get me wrong, SD435 is no chart-topper, but it’s close to SD 625. General performance is great. Daily tasks are managed with easy thanks to the 3GB RAM available.

Gaming is a pleasant surprise even with heavy First Person Shooters running with little to no lag. All of this is possible thanks to the HD resolution and Adreno 505 graphics.

Popular benchmarks like Antutu, Geekbench, and PC MARK paint a similar picture. Plausible scores compared considering the price and compared to the competition.

redmi 4x antutu score redmi 4x geekbench score redmi 4x pcmark

Excellent battery life here, thanks to the 4100mAh unit inside. Even heavy users will be able to get two full days of usage on a single charge with plenty of gaming, and 4G/GPS constantly turned on. With regular usage and if you turn off GPS when you don’t need it Redmi 4X lasts around 5-6 days. Astonishing value to be found here.

Coming with a fast charger, you’ll be able to fully charge the big battery in around 3Hrs. Also, If you have a QC3.0 adapter you can get that down to 2:30.

best xiaomi price
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Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review – Camera

Another painful subject when it comes to budget phones. Most cheap phones include barely acceptable cameras. This is another area in which Redmi 4X destroys the competition thanks to a superior camera package. Offering more features, better image quality, faster shutter speed and most noteworthy – better low-light shots compared to any phone in this price category.

xiaomi redmi 4x camera review

Whether you’re taking landscapes

redmi 4x camera review redmi 4x camera review

Doing a Macro shot

redmi 4x camera review redmi 4x camera review

Or a selfie for social medias

redmi 4x camera review redmi 4x camera review

Even low light shots are admirable

redmi 4x camera review

Redmi 4X’s camera is better compared to some 200$+ devices on the market, especially from cheap Chinese brands like UMI, Doogee, and Elephone!

Don’t go expecting Samsung S8 quality photos, as I know most of you tend to do with great camera reviews. Redmi 4X offers camera quality of what a 2-3-year-old Samsung or Sony flagship(S6 or Z5) would and much better than any budget phone right now.

FHD recording video quality is also far above what many phones offer. No OIS is present as the budget sector has some limitations.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Pros and Cons

+ Best Performance For The Price
+ Excellent Battery Life
+ Superior Cameras compared to the competition
+ Good sunlight visibility
+ IR Remote and Fast Fingerprint Scanner
+ Multi-Language and Google Services

– No NFC and USB-C
– Capacitive buttons are not backlit

xiaomi pros and cons

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review Conclusion

If you want the best value for your money, there is no alternative compared to Xiaomi Redmi 4X. I amazed how Xiaomi keeps redefining the budget segment with each new Redmi phone. It’s no wonder Xiaomi is king in emerging markets like India.


  1. How about the cameras effects???Recently Allcall BrO dual cameras very hot… really better than the single cameras? I want a phone with a good cameras effects..

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