Surface Phone with Snapdragon 835 Coming – Windows Mobile is back with a Vengeance!

Microsoft Surface phone is real and coming soon! Today we received fresh news of Snapdragon 835 powered Windows Mobile.

Surface Phone: Snapdragon 835 running Windows 10

Computex 2017 is the place it all began. Having announced Snapdragon 835 being able to fully run native Windows 10 and Win32 programs. Watch the presentation here

windows 10 snapdragon 835

A full blown Windows 10 PC was shown powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Running native apps downloaded from the internet in addition to Windows Store ones.

snapdragon 835 windows PC

Rumors imply Surface Phone to run a full Windows 10 version, unlike Lumia 950XL. This will surely increase popularity amongst many Windows fans.

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surface phone

Talks of a new kinda phone developed by Mircosoft have been circulating for ages. Microsoft confirmed earlier this year they’re working on a new type of mobile, unlike anything we know today.

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Surface Phone to use Pen Stylus and Projector


surface phone pen

Latest leaks include Microsft’s new mobile to be coming with a surface pen, projector and docking station. Since pen-stylus phones are very rare these days it would be refreshing. Especially with the whole Samsung Note 7 fiasco.

samsung note stylus pen

Artists and engineers love Samsung Note series just for the stylus pen. If Microsoft offers a better experience Samsung could be in trouble.

surface phone projector

Most noteworthy is by far the projector part. Being able to turn any surface into your desktop would make anyone want a Surface Phone. How will this affect battery life and general performance is yet unknown. We certainly expect a projector to drain your battery faster, however, with a bigger battery, this might not be an issue. Making presentations with only your phone sure looks tempting.

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Surface Phone Price and Availability

Having all these features this new Microsoft Mobile won’t be cheap. We expect Mircosoft to announce the most expensive commercial mobile to date. Theoretically, we could be looking at a 999$ phone. Microsoft is expected to announce the Surface Phone by the end of the year.

Tell us what you think of the Surface Phone?

Are you willing to switch from Android if Surface Phone runs Windows 10?

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