Samsung Exynos 9610 Leaked – Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Comparison

Today Samsung Exynos 9610 leaked to fight upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 660(coming in Oppo R11 and probably Nokia 7) in addition we have all the details in our complete analysis. Rumours also imply Meizu Pro 7 to feature Samsung’s new chip.

oppo snapdragon 660


Starting with detailed analysis of Exynos 9610 leak which we received today.

samsung exynos leak

Samsung Exynos 9610 – Analysis

Chinese sources revealed first of its kind flagship-killer chip made by Samsung to debut in Q4 2017, furthermore we have tech specs. Let’s analyse the information above.

samsung exynos leak

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Samsung Exynos 9610 – CPU Performance and Efficiency

exynos 9610 cpu

ARM recently released detailed info on next-gen A75 and A55 CPU cores, however Samsung is going for proven warriors A73 and A53. Naturally Exynos 9610 is a BIG.little Octa-Core configuration as we expected. We are yet to receive detailed information on clock frequencies, however expect ~ 2-2.4GHz for A73 cluster and ~1.6-1.9GHz for A53. Using 14nm LPP process Samsung’s new chip will be up to SD660 in terms of efficiency.

Most noteworthy Exynos 9610 will not compromise CPU power and can even beat Snapdragon 660 and 821.



Graphics Power

While new CPU cores are not available it appears that next-gen Mali-G72 graphics is here.

samsung exynos mali-g72

ARM are always aiming to produce efficient and powerful graphics for your mobile devices. The latest G-72 core inherits and optimises G-71 for more performance with less power and space used.

arm mali exynos

Substantial gains are mentioned compared to Mali-G71, most importantly similar performance for 20% less space used. This means you can either put more shader cores for the same space and power, compared to G71 or opt for less cores with higher frequency, reducing the chip size. With Exynos 9610 having 3 G72 cores(MP3 variant) they will perform the same as a MP4 G71, but produce less heat.
In short you’ll get good gaming performance without heating issues and even less battery drain.
Samsung’s new chip is not meant to compete with Snapdragon 835 and Samsung Exynos 8895 in terms of graphics prowess, however, you will definitely be able to play the latest games in high settings in FHD.

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Exynos 9610 vs Snapdragon 660

exynos vs snapdragon

This week we’ve had several leaks of Oppo R11 and Nokia 7 showing off Snapdragon 660 benchmarks – Antutu and Geekbench.

snapdragon 660 geekbench


Geekbench proves SD660 better CPU performance compared to Snapdragon 821. We expect similar or maybe slightly higher scores from Exynos 9610.

snapdragon 660 antutu

Lower Antutu score is due to the weaker Adreno 512 compared to Adreno 530 in SD820 powered Z11 and Zuk Z2 Pro.


Huawei Mate 9‘s Kirin 960 has 8 Mali – G71 cores, so theoretically E9610 should produce ~65% of that 3D performance. GPU core scaling loses performance per core with more added, hence 65% and not half.

mali G71 performance


Expect 3D Antutu scores to be around 20-22000, which is maybe a tad faster than Snapdragon 660. Theoretical total Antutu score should be around 110,000 Points, very close to Exynos 8890!


Exynos 9610 rumoured devices

samsung c10 leak exynos 9610

Leaked Samsung C10 information and specs suggested Snapdragon 660, but the Asian version is most likely to feature Exynos 9610. Being the first Dual-Camera Samsung phone it would make perfect sense to use in-house design for better ISP integration. Rumoured to release in early September C10 fits perfectly with Q4 release for 9610.

meizu pro 7 leak exynos 9610

Another rumoured candidate is Meizu Pro 7 Plus or another unknown at this time Meizu device. In addition Meizu MX7 or M5x could also pack E9610.

What do you think, are you excited for Exynos 9610? Which phone would you like to pack Samsung’s latest chip?

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