Moto C Price, Specs and Comparison – Should You Buy?

Low cost budget smart mobiles come from brands like Doogee, Oukitel and Elephone, however, Lenovo Moto C just launched, but is it worth it? Let’s take a good look at the Lenovo Moto C see how it compares to the competition, esecially Xiaomi Redmi 4.

Lenovo Moto C Specs

lenovo moto c budget mobile

Everyone wants to get the best performance for less cash, let’s see what Lenovo brings to the table. Mind you this info is taken from Moto’s official page, which you can view here

moto c 4g volte

Looking at the basic specs you notice some good things like – Android 7.0, 4G and Expandable Storage. These are important buying benefits from a low-cost mobile these days and certain benefits for adoption Moto C. What really angries me are the other “made up” benefits of Moto C!
Taking a look at the rest reveals dirty marketing tricks and most of all bad English!

First of all, Heavy-Duty Processor is actually MT6737M one of the slowest chips on the market. Sure, it can play videos and open sites, however, is leagues behind entry-level chips like Snapdragon 430 in terms of performance. Gaming beyond 2D games is out of the question.

Second, Dual Cameras is intentionally misleading. Dual Cameras implies two cameras side by side like Huawei P9/P10. Here they actually mean TWO cameras(front and back), which are quite below standards with 5.0MP and 2.0MP respectively. Most likely put there on purpose to fool customers.

Third, Reliable Battery is most likely the opposite at only 2350mAh! You will barely be able to get 3 Hrs of Screen-On-Time using 4G, compared to today’s standrads that’s pretty low. Definitely not realiable and most importantly – Misleading! You should definitely carry a charger or buy a spare battery if you’re planning on buying Moto C.

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Forth, display resolution is straight from 2014! Moto C comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels at a PPI of 196 pixels per inch.  That’s not even HD, nor IPS which is the bare minimum these days, since 50$ Chinese phones offer that.

Moto C Price and Comparison

moto c price comparison xiaomi

Being advertised as a ultra-budget phone Moto C is a tad pricey at around 89 Euros/ 5999 Rs/ 85 GBP! I really don’t mind paying for quality headsets, however Moto C is simply beyond redemption compared to similar priced phones.

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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Comparison

Featured in the same price category is a device which seems like leagues above Moto C – Xiaomi Redmi 4

moto c redmi 4 comparison

Design, display, cameras and performance are all superior to Moto C.

Let’s compare the main features of both phones.


CPU – Redmi 4 (Octa-Core 8×1.4GHz Snapdragon 430) vs Moto C(Quad-Core 1.1GHz MT6737M)

redmi 4 snapdragon 430                                 moto c quad-core

Substantial difference is substantial, Redmi 4 is almost twice as fast! Most noteworthy, Redmi 4 lasts around 6Hrs of SoT, compared to 3 Hrs on Moto’s new budget device!

Display – Redmi 4 (HD 720p IPS panel) vs Moto C (480p TF panel)
Hardware specs you can’t touch, however, you’ll be looking that ugly and low-res TF screen for the next months, just think about it.

Battery3120mAh with Redmi 4 and 2350mAh with Moto C and even more important Qulacomm Snapdragon is more efficient and powerful than Mediatek’s 6737M

Cameras – 13MP Main and 5MP front on Redmi 4 and 5MP Main and 2MP Front on Moto C
Now, camera MP is not really the best comparison, however, the difference here is too large to go unnoticed. Additionally, Redmi 4 shoots FHD/1080p video compared to Moto only shooting in HD/720p.

Moto C Pros and Cons

moto c pros and cons should you buy

All things considered Moto devices do get regular updates and are reliable headsets, so let’s sum it all up for Lenovo’s new ultra-budget offering.

Moto C Pros

+ Android 7.0 and most likely regular updates
+ Good build quality and support
+ Comes in 4 different colours

Moto C Cons

– Weak Specs – comparable to two year old Moto E2 more than today’s budget mobiles
– Poor Battery Life(backup) – 2350mAh is really below par with today’s standrads, most of you will likely reach for the charger half-way through the day.
– 480p TF display – 720p IPS panels are the bare minimum today, even for 50$ phones!
– Not that cheap – better offerings on the market at this price
– Bare minimum Camera Experince
– Misleading Advertising


should you buy moto c

If you have your heart set on Moto’s new budget offering I really have to dissapoint you. Better devices are on the market at this price with even more coming soon. You’re much better off buying a second hand Moto G4, which is leagues better in every way. My biggest drawbacks are the poor battery backup and poor display quality. Moto C Plus offers a bit more, but at a higher price which again falls with better devices.


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