Why Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Featured SD 625 Instead SD 652? Lei Jun Answers!

Xiaomi’s latest flagship ‘Xiaomi Mi Max 2’ might be a solid phone to fall in love with. The phone continues the same tremendous display, as well as increased battery life, might blind you with something which hasn’t been focused yet. It’s the downgrading of SoC to Snapdragon 625 instead of integrating Snapdragon 652. It’s for the first time that new Xiaomi flagship has a lower performance than the old one.

Comparing with the older brother, the younger brother is ahead of Mi Max in every aspect apart from the performance. That’s because Xiaomi Mi Max 2 features Snapdragon 625 under the hood. Meanwhile, its ancestor ‘Mi Max’ uses a better and advanced Snapdragon 650/652. What could be the possible reason of degrading to the old SoC? Well, the CEO of Xiaomi has an answer.

Today, on Weibo, Lei Jun stated the reasons for the use of Snapdragon 625 in Mi Max 2

Snapdragon 625 is a balance processor in terms of performance and power-consumption. While another reason for selecting Snapdragon 625 is that it can play games very smoothy!

After saying this, he ends his tweet by sending the screenshot of games played on Xiaomi Mi Max 2. These include Real Racing 3, NBA2K17 and some Chinese games. Surprisingly all ran flawlessly at the Full-HD resolution.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Gaming NBA

Moreover, here’s the gif of “King of Glory” game set to the highest settings, high-definition mode enabled. The frame rate was very good reaching 29-30 fps and the WiFi was also stable.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Gaming

The new flagship has a basic goal which is to deliver better battery timing instead of better performance. Snapdragon 625 is way energy-efficient than Snapdragon 650/652. Plus, what else do you need apart from smooth gaming at low performance? Shifting of the SoC to a better power-efficient is what’s best for the flagship and the users. What do you think? Comment!



  1. But if they wanted to play games smoothly and more power efficiency, they could have gone for SD660. We know that 652 was built on 28nm HPm technology and so it wasn’t that energy efficient. If the move was to move to 14nm, then SD660 should have been the upgrade choice.

  2. Let’s hope for a Mi Max 2 Pro version, with the Snapdragon 660 and 6 GB, or even the new Snapdragon 630, that should be pin to pin compatibile with the 625 but 10% more powerful on the CPU side, and 30% on GPU side.

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