Moto Z2 Play with Snapdragon 626 Launched – Moto Z Play Comparison!

Today Lenovo confirmed a new Moto device is launching tomorrow and we now know that it’s Moto Z2 Play. Naturally, we have all the info on Z2 Play price and availability. As you may know all Moto devices now bear the Lenovo brand name compared to the older Moto Z Play.

A look back at the Moto Z Play

lenovo moto z play comaprison

With many manufactures stalling with mid-range devices Lenovo became quite popular thanks to this little beauty here – Moto Z Play!

Featuring a sleek and premium design, Snapdragon 625, good specs and cameras at a affordable price Moto Z play really shined.

lenovo moto z play comaprison

Many fell in love with the vivid FHD display and the ability to attach Moto Mods like its bigger and more expensive brother – Moto Z.

Most noteworthy feature however was the battery life. Leading the line of superb Snapdragon 625 devices Moto Z Play had no competition when it was launched. Users all over the world were astonished by its great battery life.

Out with the old in with the new? – Moto Z2 Play vs Moto Z Play

moto z2 play box

Moto Z2 Play will be availabe for purchase by the end of the month and will cost ~459$.

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With such a hefty price tag let’s take a look at the upgrades compared  to Moto Z Play.

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Better Specs and Snapdragon 626

qualcomm snapdragon 626 moto z2

Upgrading the specs to 4GB Ram and 64GB storage and featuring the new Snapdragon 626 are the real benefits here. Expect overall increase of 10% in performance compared to Moto Z Play. While this is a nice upgrade with Snapdragon 660 launching soon and this price I really think we could have gotten better.

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Much Better Camera in Low Light

moto z2 play camera

While Moto Z Play’s camera wasn’t bad during the day it left something to be desired in low-light sutations. Moto Z2 Play is in an entirely new league with  a f/1.7 aperture and 1.4 microns pixel size, meaning it should deliver much better photos.

Battery Life Debate – Will Moto Z2 Play’s have worse battery backup

Many people were shocked when the new Z2 Play was announced to come with just 3000mAh battery.

moto z2 mods

Most people don’t realise though there are plenty of other features more for battery life, such as display, ram and chip optimizations. While display size and resolution is the same the actual display isn’t. A new display consuming less power, lower voltage RAM and optimizations made in SD626 will produce the same if not better overall battery life.

If you own Moto Z Play or Moto G5 Plus should you upgrade?

Is what most of you are asking themselves right now and the answer is not very simple.

Sure, most of you Lenovo fans will go right ahead, but what about those looking for the best value?

I personally believe Moto Z2 Play’s biggest allure is the much better main camera. If you love your Z Play, but you are an avid camera user, than the answer is YES, most certainly upgrade! A really nice bonus being 4K video recording along with better night shots.
If you however fall in the not so camera friendly blokes and take a snap every now and again mostly during the day, than I thin you’re better of skipping the upgrade.

Huawei Nova 2 just launched at around the same price offering a much better selfie cam.

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