Snapdragon 845 could be the future LG G7 processor

At a time when the new LG G6 has not even arrived in Portuguese stores, here is the first information regarding its successor LG G7. According to sources connected to the branch, Qualcomm will already be in talks with LG to have its new processor Snapdragon 845 be used in the future LG G7.

As we all know, the LG G6 was launched with a processor introduced in 2016: the Snapdragon 821. This choice was due to the fact that Qualcomm and Samsung have a certain exclusivity agreement for the new Snapdragon 835. In this way, or the LG opted for the SoC presented in late 2016 or else it would have to present its LG G6 after this year’s MWC.


Although there are still few smartphones with a Snapdragon 835 on the market, we are already talking about its successor. Earlier reports have emerged that Qualcomm and Samsung would again be discussing the development of Snapdragon 845.

LG G7 is expected to re-use the top-of-the-range processor on the market

For if like me, you think that there could be an exclusive contract between these two companies again, the news of today throws that belief a little to the ground. LG is also in talks with Qualcomm so that its new top-of-the-line LG G7 may come to use the future processor of the American company.

Now, this choice seems to be somewhat obvious. According to what has been advanced by The Investor the future flagship of LG will require a processor with sufficient power to be able to deal with technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


The new Qualcomm processor will be developed in a new 7nm process. This choice is due to the need to be included in more transistors, without increasing the physical dimension of the SoC itself. All this so that smartphones can remain equally elegant but more powerful.

Of course, this development process will also have an impact on the final performance of Snapdragon 845. Although it is still too early for definitive conclusions, it is believed that this new processor can have a performance increase in the order of 25% to 35% Current Snapdragon 835.

If this is not the first time the new Snapdragon 845 is mentioned, this may indicate that it is not in the plans of your builder to launch a replacement later this year. That is, the maneuver used with the presentation of Snapdragon 821 may not be repeated in 2017 and this is a good thing for those who now buy a device with a Snapdragon 835.

As for the presentation of the new Snapdragon 845, this should happen only in early 2018. This has been the schedule normally used by Qualcomm and will come in time to equip smartphones like Galaxy S9 and LG G7.

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