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Cypher OS Review For Oneplus 3/3T (Pixel Experiance Rom)

If you own a OnePlus 3/3t and you are looking for a rom with a pixel like experience and with some extra customization option then today I am going to review a custom rom known as cypher OS for oneplus 3/3t. This rom will give you the closest experience like pixel devices and this is an official rom so you don’t have to worry about the updates.

So now with that been said let’s start

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  • Performance

So let’s start with the performance, now I am using cypher OS since 3 days and the OS feels quite stable with my daily day to day usage. It is running on the latest version of android that is Nougat 7.1.2 and the security patch is of 5th may 2017. The cypher OS version is 3.6.3 which is again the latest stable built of this OS.

Recently oneplus is also trying to make their Oxygen OS like pixel by adding some pixel exclusive features like the pixel launcher and app shortcut feature but that version of oxygen OS is still in beta since last 1 month. But in cypher OS you will get all the pixel features including this cool new navigation bar with this cute little animation.

Except that the network reception is also good and for those who are wondering that VOLTE is working or not, then ya its properly and I am using my Reliance JIO SIM currently on this OS.


  • Battery

Moving forward to its battery performance which is a major concern of every uses and I think the battery performance of cypher OS is quite similar to the Current stable Oxygen OS version 4.1.3.

I am getting between 5 to 6 hours of screen on time with a moderate usage and I think it’s quite decent to get my oneplus 3t running throughout the day. Now if you are thinking that how about the DASH charging is it working or not, then you will be glad to know that its working just fine.


  • Features

So now let’s talk about some of the features that you are going to get in cypher OS and let’s start with the feature that I like the most. If you go through the setting menu then you will find an option which says additions, this is basically a place where you will find different customization option.

The first one in the list is called system here you can set your screen short type, add advance option to the power menu and you can also enable one handed mode which can be triggered by just swiping left over your navigation bar.

Second one is the status bar and as the name suggest from here you can tweak different aspects of your status bar like add or remove icons, show notification count and many more.

Next up is the quick setting and this one is my favourite because here you will find these tiles option by enabling which you can trigger battery saver mode with just one click, additionally you can also enable Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth with just one click and use these option more often.

The last one is the button option by using which you can enable or disable on screen navigation button according to your preference and you can also set different actions for different keys.

Except these we also have some ported features directly from oxygen os which can be found in the setting menu and from here you can enable off screen gestures for camera, torch and music.So all and all we have lots of customization option through which we can customize our device even further.

Additionally this rom is also fully compatible with Substratum Theme Engine which was previously known as layers. It’s just like CynogenMod theme engine, using which you can change the overall look and feel of your device. There are lots of substratum themes available on play store. If you want to know how you can install Substratum theme engine then I had made a separate on that and I will leave a link for that in the description box so do checkout.

Now guys if you are thinking that how the camera app of this rom is working then sadly I haven’t tested it too much but the camera app has the ability to take some decent pictures.






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