Theme Your Android Like a PRO (Change the Overall Look & Feel)

As we all know Android Operating system is best known for its customization abilities which enables users to tweak the OS at system level.

Theming your android is one of the best way to customize your device, you might be familiar with the theme engine available on CynogenMod phones. But what about the stock Android phones. You don’t get any theme engine on your stock Android devices. Right?

And that’s exactly what I am going to show you guys.

Excited so let’s get started.

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Right now substratum is the only theme engine that works flawlessly on stock android and it supports android  marshmallow or above.

Substratum is basically an advanced version of layers theme engine. The term substratum means “an underlying layer or substance, in particular a layer of rock or soil beneath the surface of the ground” and I thinks it justifies the name.

This theme engine has some pretty good themes. Some of the themes are working great. While some of the themes are only supported in Android 7.1.

Now as I mentioned earlier that substratum theme engine only works with devices running stock android such as nexus, Motorola, pixel and oneplus. You can also install substratum on any AOSP based custom rom such as pure nexus rom or cypher os.


Now let’s see how you can install this on your android devices.

The prerequisites are

  • Your device must be rooted.
  • You should be running stock Android or any AOSP Rom

Now head over to play store and search for substratum theme engine and install it. Once it is installed grant the permissions and root access so that it can work properly. So this is the basic layout of substratum theme engine and it offers lots of options by using which you can customize each and every aspect of your device like theme packs, overlays, boot animation, fonts etc.

Initially there is no theme installed, so let’s try some themes and for that click on this show case icons, here you will find lots of themes which are categorised but most of them are paid but don’t worry there are many free theme also available on play store. For that click on the play store icon and from here you can download some cool free themes.

Once the theme is installed open the substratum theme app and Tap on the theme and you’ll find an option as “Toggle Overlays”, turn it on or you can even choose individual apps on which you want to apply the overlay. You can also mix and combine different theme aspects using this option.

So once you have selected the overlays just click on the icon at the bottom right and click on build and enable that’s it. Now this will apply the overly of the theme and change the overall look and feel of your device.

This includes the status bar, navigation bar, setting menu and some system apps like YouTube, play store etc. Now you can simply download and apply any theme from the play store to change the look and feel of your device completely.

So guys this was just a quick tutorial on how you can customize your android device like a pro, hope you guys enjoyed it.


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