Snapdragon 845 Leaked – Packing New CPU Cores A75 and A55

Snapdragon 835 devices are just coming to the market, however, we have received info on Snapdragon 845. Next-Gen Qualcomm chip will be made using 10nm LP fabrication process and contain ARM‘s newest cores A75 and A55. We now have very detailed info on the cores, so let’s check them out.

Snapdragon 845 Performance Cortex A75

Most modern chips rely on BIG.little CPU core configuration and Snapdragon 845 will be no different. BIG cores handle heavy tasks much faster but consume more power and Cortex A75 promises more performance for less power.

snapdragon 845

Improving performance per clock by 20% compared to A73 used in Kirin 960 is advertised. Even greater boost is shown being compared to A72 cores in the likes of Kirin 950 and Helio X20.

snapdragon 845

Stating performance difference is nothing without actual benchmarks to prove it. Here we see referenced benchmarks shown by ARM, however, only Geekbench 4 is a widely used and updated benchmark. Being the best way to measure CPU performance Geekbench 4 shows 34% increase.

snapdragon 845

Better clock for clock performance is important, but adding extra 200Mhz clock boost is very important for Single and Multi Threaded performance as well.

Theoretically, we are looking at 20-30% overall CPU boost in Snapdragon 845 compared to 835.


Snapdragon 845 Efficiency Cortex A55

Power is nothing without efficiency and smaller A55 cores are here to inherit A53 for good.

Smaller cores are used in 90% of all daily tasks and performance boost is much needed. Implementing a more feature-rich architecture A55 is no simple upgrade.

snapdragon 845

Up to this point, all CPU cores were setup up to 4 in a single cluster, but with A55 you can pack 8.
What does that mean? More cores in the same cluster equals performance as data transfer between cores comes with no penalty. Using Snapdragon 625 as an example the 8 A53 cores are actually two clusters with 4 cores in each one and they communicate using a separate bus. Next generation chips will remove the bus and allow for either 16 Core chips(2clusters with 8CPU cores) or a single 8 core cluster for better battery life and performance. We could be seeing up to 24 core mobile chips next year.

snapdragon 845


Geekbench shows a steady 21% boost clock-by-clock between A53 and A55 cores, however, we don’t know if this is a 4 or 8 cluster device.

Snapdragon 845 Theoretical CPU performance boost

Theoretically speaking SD845 should be around ~30% faster in single and up to 70% faster(if it goes for more cores) in Multi-Threading, while maintaining the same power efficiency.

Adreno 630 The Future of Mobile Graphics

Continuing the trend Adreno 630 will offer 30% performance increase over 540.


Mobil gaming through VR is reaching new heights and more computing power is appreciated.



Better-looking games with console-quality graphics are coming to your phone in 2017.

Triple AAA studios are entering the mobile market soon.

Snapdragon 845 Antutu Score

Speaking again theoretically we are looking at ~210,000 Points, but we will have to wait quite a bit to find out.



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