Xiaomi Mi Metal Signature Pen Released – High Precision Under $4 (24.9 Yuan)!

Last year, on July, Xiaomi released its first pen ‘Mi Pen.’ Now after ten months, the Chinese manufacturer launches the first metal pen known as ‘Xiaomi Mi Metal Signature Pen.’

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Xiaomi Mi Metal Signature Pen – CNC Processed Metal Under $4

Mi Metal Signature Pen is a standard sized pen about the same size as the previous one, 14.3cm long and 9.5 mm in diameter. To add weight Xiaomi forge the pen from aluminum alloy, this time. Mi Metal Signature Pen undergoes sandblasting anodizing process which further exaggerates its beauty. The pen appears to be robust at the same time with anti-corrosive and wears resistance properties.

Xiaomi Mi Metal Signature Pen 1

Speaking the truth, no change is seen in the ink and rod filament. It’s the same rod manufactured by the famous Swiss company ‘PREMEC.’ To be precise, it’s made up of tungsten carbide and slides effortlessly on the paper with the quick drying Japenese ink from Mikuni. The ink is waterproof and prevents any streaks or water stains on the paper. Moreover, the pen is refillable with those Swiss PREMEC pen refills. Mi Metal Pen features a built-in high-precision tip supported by spring. The 180 ° rotation of the pen is still there and the same automatic touch rebound type.

Xiaomi Mi Metal Signature Pen 1

It’s almost the same previous Xiaomi pen with a premium metal built with better precision. Mi Metal Pen sale starts today on Xiaomi’s official website for a price of 24.9 yuan ($3.6). The new Mi pen is available in two color options: Silver and Golden.

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