NO. 1 G9 Packing a New Powerful MTK2503 SoC, GPS, Bluetooth & More Coming!

Smartwatch technology has taken a new twist as No.1 is back with yet another amazing smartwatch, the NO. 1 G9. A smartwatch can now do all the function found in a smartphone.  After the major breakthrough by the NO. 1 G8, the company is set to release another great product which will be the first smartwatch to sport the new MTK2503 SoC. This MTK 2503 is much more powerful chip different from the MTK 2502 used in NO. 1 G8. The MTK 2503 is a powerful chip with GPS function and better power management. The GPS could record movement trajectory, could show where you run or go, and run data in the watch which you could share with your friends.

NO. 1 G9NO. 1 G9 is designed to withstand difficult and rugged activities thus you can go hiking, running and all sort of sporting activities with this watch. Users need not worry about sweat dripping from their body, washing their hands or even taking their bath while wearing the watch because NO.1 G9 is IP68 waterproof and dustproof.

Watch the official video for the No.1 G9 that shows the main features of this smartwatch below.

The companion app in this smartwatch will track your movement trajectory accurately and it also supports health data synchronization thus you can monitor your health situation as you proceed. All data recorded from this device can be shared on social media or to family and friends.

The NO. 1 G9 will come with Bluetooth support and can be paired with your phone thus the notifications you receive on your phone will be sent to your smartwatch. Daily charging of smartwatch is eliminated on the NO. 1 G9 as it is designed with a very low power consumption rate due to its new powerful processor.

For more information, please visit No. 1’s official webpage here or the official blog from here.

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