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OnePlus 3T – Stable MIUI 8 Rom (Installation Guide)

Oneplus 3T which is a bumped up version of so called 2016 Flagship killer Oneplus 3 and it is arguably the best android smartphone that you can get under 500$. Oneplus 3T is running Android Nougat out of the box and the UI is very Stock with some extra added features by oneplus. So how about trying the latest MIUI 8 custom ROM on your OnePlus 3T?

Although the MIUI 8 ROM is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it comes with more features than the Oxygen OS or the stock Android like the clone apps, new clean interface, built-in memory cleaner and more. The MIUI 8 rom that I am going to show you is 100% stable with working fingerprint scanner and Dash charging and the battery life of this Rom is Insane.


Video Guide (Highly Recommended)


The Prerequisites are

  • Your Bootloader should be unlocked
  • You should have pre-installed TWRP recovery

Now if you don’t have an unlocked bootloader and preinstalled TWRP recovery then don’t worry I had already made a video on that. So just pause this video and click on the card that pops up at the top right corner or you can also find the link of that video in the description box.

So first watch that video and follow the steps then head over to this video. After you have successfully installed the TWRP recovery head over to your PC and now you have to download 3 file which are MIUI 8 rom Zip file, Debloater zip and Google Installer APK file. Once all the 3 files are downloaded put it in the internal memory of your device. All the download links will be in the description box.

Now the next step is very important in which you have to take a full backup of your device including your internal storage because during installation you have to format the full device as this rom is password encrypted. So taking a backup is highly recommended.


Steps Involved:

  • Once backup is done it means you are good to go, Now switch off your device, then press and hold volume down + power key at the same time until you see this oneplus logo. This will basically boot your device in TWRP recovery.
  • To install the rom first Click on wipe and swipe this blue button to right in order to wipe the system data and make the device ready for rom installation.
  • After that go back and click on install, now navigate the rom zip file and select it, after that swipe this blue button to right in order to flash this zip file.
  • Now the flashing will start and it will take about 8 to 10 minutes to finish the installation, once installation is done go back and select the Debloater zip file and flash it also, this will basically remove all the bloat wares from the rom.
  • Once that is done reboot your device and here comes the most trickiest part of the video while rebooting it may ask you a password to start the android and I have tried several combinations and it’s not working. If you face this issue then don’t worry just reboot your device to TWRP recovery and do a full wipe which includes the internal memory and then reboot your device and this will surely work.

So now once your device is successfully booted up setup your device, now if you take a closer look then you will find that the Google apps are missing this is because the rom that we installed is ported from a Chinese rom. Now to install Google apps head over to the file manager and install the Google installer APK file that we downloaded earlier. Once that is done open the app and press this blue button and you are done, it will automatically download all the necessary Google apps and you just have to install them manually.


Review of MIUI 8 Rom For OnePlus 3t (Video Guide)


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