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Stable MIUI 8 Rom For OnePlus 3T (Rom with the Best Features)

Recently I had made a video on how to install MIUI 8 rom on Oneplus 3T. The MIUI rom is quite stable and everything is working like a charm, that’s why I decided to review this rom and today I am going to talk about the performance and features of this rom and is it stable enough to use it as a daily driver.

So without any further ado let’s start.


Video Guide (Highly Recommended)


Design & UI

So let’s start with the design and UI, the very first thing that most of the users will notice is the resemblance to iOS there is no app drawer and all the apps are present in the home screen. But I think the UI is more minimalistic and fluid. It has a very different approach and that’s what makes it unique.

If you pinch in the Home screen you will get the options to customize UI according to your preference. Here you will get options like themes, widgets, wallpapers and effects.

The design of notification panel is also different from stock at the top you get a search bar using which you can search for a website, app or contact. Below that you get the weather widget and calendar which can be accessed with a single click and there is a very cool features in which the colour of notification shade changes automatically according to the weather. There are 4 toggles at the top and if you swipe down you will get access to the rest of the toggles.

The recent app trey is also very different from stock and with some additional features like if you swipe down the app window you will get the option to lock it, you can also change the viewing style according to your preference.

There is also a dedicated theme engine to change the look and feel your device completely. So in terms of customization this rom has to offer lots of stuff that you won’t find in any custom skinned rom.



Now let’s talk about the performance, I am testing this rom since 5 days and this is one of the most stable rom that I have tested on oneplus 3t. In most of the custom roms the Dash charging tends to doesn’t work properly, but this is not the case with this rom, the dash charging is working properly just like it used to work with stock oxygen OS, rather than that the fingerprint is also Woking just fine with 100% accuracy. This rom also supports VoLTE and for those who want to know that reliance jio is working or not, well yes it is working fine with no call drops. Additional the alert slider is also working which I really didn’t expected.

Moving forward to its battery performance which is a major concern of every user. After oneplus updated oneplus 3/3t to android nougat lots of users are complaining that they are facing heavy battery drainage issue and I also one of them. But in MIUI 8 the battery performance is literally insane, I am getting about 7 hours of screen on time with moderate usage which is more than enough to run my device throughout a day.

Moving forward to camera, the overall interface of the camera app is quite minimal and easy to use. You can adjust the exposure by just swiping up & down. Clicking on modes gives you additional options like Manual, Timer and Panorama. It can only shoot videos at 1080p resolution which is a kind of bummer, additionally we have a secondary camera app which is directly ported from oxygen OS by using this app you can shoot in slow motion.

As I mentioned earlier that it can only shoot videos at 1080p resolution but still the videos are very smooth as it seems like Electronic Image Stabilization is working properly and for that a big thumbs up to the developer.



Now let’s talk about some of the features that you will get exclusively in this rom.

  • The first one on the list is touch assistant, it is very helpful in multitasking. You can easily set which app or settings you want in touch assistant. By default you can use it to go back, to take the screenshot, to go home and to open recent apps tray.
  • Second one is the Cloned App or dual app. This is one of the best features of MIUI 8 and it is something new. By using this feature you can sign in into two different accounts of a particular app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. After cloning the app you will find to icons for that app on the home menu.
  • The third one is the Second Space. This feature is not new for the android users because it is available on Stock Android since Android 5.0 Lollipop but for MIUI users it is new. By using Second Space you can create two users for your device and you can choose which content to be shared by the other user.
  • The next one on the list is the in-built App Lock. In MIUI 8, XIAOMI has added a separate app lock option which is quite powerful and easy to setup. By using this, you can protect your personal data.
  • The last one is my favourite which is the security app and it is not just a security app. When you open the app you will find several options like cleaner, data usage, block list, battery, virus scan and permissions.

Additionally there are lots of things and features that we can talk about but for the sake of simplicity I just mentioned these.

Now I guess most of you guys were thinking that I have mentioned everything about this rom except bugs this is because in the usage of 5 days in didn’t encountered any bug, app crashes or random reboot and I am really surprised with the stability of this rom and that’s the reason why now I am using this as my daily driver.



How To Install MIUI 8




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