Xiaomi Officially starts selling Xiaomi Mi 6 Protective Case / Cover & Film!

Recently, Xiaomi has started earning some bucks by selling some accessories of the newly released Xiaomi Mi 6. These include Xiaomi Mi 6 protective case/cover as well as the film for screen protection.

Getting into details, the case is priced at 49 yuan ($7) and has several colors to select from, including solid red, white, and blue. The case molds from silicone, built-in fiber soft lining allowing the user to experience the soft touch feeling. Xiaomi has kept the design relatively simple. Waterproof and anti-fouling are the highlights of Xiaomi Mi 6 protective case.

Xiaomi Mi 6 protective case 1

Moreover, the film is of two types. First is the 19 yuan ($2.45) standard size film while the other is the arc full coverage film tag with a price of 29 yuan ($4.2). Meanwhile, the screen protector features a dedicated oil layer, making it anti-oil, anti-fingerprint and a long-term clean screen at the same time.

We should note that the accessories provided by third parties may not be perfect, that’s why the Chinese smartphone manufacturer took this step. Xiaomi Mi 6 already features a Gorilla Glass Protection. Still, some extra precautions are worth of minimizing the damage of a phone after a fall, especially Xiaomi Mi 6.

Xiaomi Mi 6 protective case 1

Source (translated from Chinese)

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