3 ways to choose the best web hosting company in the UK

You are about to learn three great, totally effective ways to choose a web hosting company in the UK. You may have read tens of reports by experts testing and reviewing UK hosting providers and you may feel even more confused. Or perhaps this is the first you’re reading?


Either way, we have done our own expert reviews and, based on those results, we have made a list of the best companies and prepared tips on how to choose the best one for web hosting.


If you are reading this article, you are certainly aware of the importance of building an online presence nowadays. What you should look at is the degree of reliability, features, the speed and, of course, the price. Before you decide on a web hosting service, you should look at some free tools to analyze and check the website. Some of the best companies are SiteGround, GoDaddy, TSOHost UK,, Namesco, 123 Reg, and Heart Internet.

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Factor 1: Web hosting location

This is maybe the most important consideration. If you are based in the UK or Europe, you would need a data center that should also be there. If it is based outside Europe, data delivery may tend to be kind of slow, and that’s going to start being a problem at a certain point in time. The likelihood of English speaking in-house support would also be greater – getting web hosting in the Philippines or India may have other advantages, but English-speaking staff won’t be among them. What is more, they will be able to solve your problems more quickly as they are in your time zone.


Do not underestimate the importance of support. Your site will work well if the hosting company has good hardware, and if not – it won’t work at all in all likelihood. If this happens, you need to contact competent staff who will solve your problem. System administrators in the UK offer great live chat or phone support. They are also more likely to respond more quickly, which is crucial because you lose money, search positions, and traffic practically every second your site is down.

Factor 2: Price

This is an obvious one but often neglected regardless. Always look for the best price-quality ratio and keep in mind that all the above – mentioned (and any and all other) web hosting companies reserve the right to change their prices at any point in time. Some of the prices listed have been converted from other currency.

Factor 3: Security

Last but definitely not least – web host security. Does the provider offer firewall, isolated accounts and automatic CMS updates like Joomla and WordPress? Anything can happen – your data is the most significant element of your business, and you can delete something inadvertently or become infected by a virus. Never underestimate the need for backup.

If you want to know more, check out this post on the best UK web hosting providers! You’ll find it really helpful, trust us!


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