How to Try All New Fuchsia OS On Any Android Phone

Last year, we first heard about  ‘Fuchsia OS’ – A mobile OS Google is working on. Yesterday, we got our very first glimpse at the UI of the all new Fuchsia OS, and we also knew that the new OS uses Microkernel and not Full Linux Kernel. The Microkernels are supposed to be the future of mobile OS as they provide better performance as well as battery life as compared to the full Linux Kernels. In this particular article, we will be showing you how you can get a glimpse of the UI of Fuchsia OS on Any Android phone.


Fuchsia OS on Any Android Phone

Now, don’t think that you will need a rooted phone or any hard ADB process to try Fuchsia OS on Any Android Phone. No! The process needs no root, and also, you just need to install a simple application by the link given below.

Once you have downloaded this app called ‘Armadillo,’ the next thing you need to do is to install the app by turning on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option in case you’ve turned it off. Well, that’s it! Now, you just need to open Armadillo application by tapping on its icon, and you will see the all new UI of the Fuchsia OS. It is a card-based UI which is pretty similar to what Google Now offers with various cards that you can tap, and the whole UI is very clean and minimalistic. Also, the various elements open with a material design animation that indeed looks awesome.

Above is the video tutorial on How to Try the Fuchsia OS on Any Android phone so make sure you watch it.


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