How much do drones cost and what is the most expensive drone?

Are you interested in buying a drone? This technology has been getting more and more popular over the past few years. Many people are using drones and not just as a hobby. Professional photographers and videographers are among those who use the most expensive drone in their everyday jobs.


What makes them so popular? Drone enthusiasts have found that drones are perfect for capturing amazing landscapes. Whether you are on a vacation, on a tropical island, or up in the mountains, nothing will compare to capturing the view from high above. For those who are fond of posting on social media, you can bring up the quality of your Instagram and Facebook posts to a different level with shots from your drone.


Even celebrities have not escaped from the drone trend. Lady Gaga opened her memorable Super Bowl halftime performance with an army of dancing drones behind her. Even Martha Stewart, probably the least-likely person you would expect to own a drone swears by it. She uses it to take overhead pictures of her livestock and garden.


Some countries use it for more practical purposes. Japan has been using drones to spray their crops. Then there are others who use the drone to monitor for events such as wildfires, tornadoes and to look for missing persons and even endangered wildlife.


Now if you are thinking of buying a drone, you might be asking how much you would need to shell out? The range of the price of drones is very wide. You can go for the very basic ones which can go for as low as $25. If you are not sure yet whether you’d really like using a drone, you can just buy the cheaper types to test it out before you decide to make a more serious investment.


But take note that these types have very short battery life and can probably go up to a height of only 10 feet. That may be good enough for an interesting selfie but not for a bird’s eye-view photo. The more expensive ones can be controlled by a smartphone and can go up to the sky at an impressive height.


The most advanced and most expensive drone add many impressive features. If you are an adventurer who likes to ski or goes mountain biking, you can actually get your drone to follow you while doing that activity. You just need to set your drone to follow the GPS signal of your smartphone.


The most expensive drone can cost you thousands of dollars but you can be sure of the quality of pictures and videos that it will be able to capture. Check out this most expensive drone list that details the key features of each drone.  It would answer the question as to what drone would be perfect for your needs.  

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