3 Ways to keep your work secure while working from a remote location

Working remotely has never been easier due to cloud services, google drive, and the ability to skype into conference calls. Businesses are saving thousands of dollars in overhead costs on an annual basis by allowing employees to work from remote locations. While this is a great perk and can be very convenient to work from home or even from your local coffee shop, it is important to keep your work secure. This article will identify 3 ways in which you can keep your work secure while working remotely.

  1. If you are working in google drive, there are many outstanding conveniences to doing so. The ability to share documents among team members and track project completion is a great perk. The service is free and there is a great amount of storage that is provided in a free account. While it is wonderful to be able to store your documents online, it is important to keep them safe. There may be a document you want to share with your team however you want to make sure that it cannot be edited. This is particularly important for a budget spreadsheet, for example. If you are working in Microsoft Office and want to share a document with others, such as a budget spreadsheet, you may want to lock cells in excel before doing so. This can keep your work secure and uneditable by anyone you do not give access.
  2. Change your passwords regularly. If you are planning to use free wifi services at your local coffee shop, be sure to update your passwords on a regular basis. As the wifi service is free, there are very limited safety precautions in place which could cause a security risk. Changing your passwords often can prevent your data and projects from being stolen. Not to mention that by changing your passwords, you can also preserve your personal information from getting hacked.
  3. Sometimes it is imperative to use a public computer but if you do not have to, refrain from doing so. No matter how many times you log out of your accounts or delete information from the computer, highly trained hackers will be able to find something connected to your accounts. Whether it be a confidential document or even fragments of one, it is best to avoid taking a chance all together. If you have a personal computer, be sure to use that only and avoid using public computers for work or personal stuff.

While we discussed a few ways to keep your work secure while working from a remote location, there are many other ways to do so. Updating your anti-virus software is another idea. There are many ways to remain safe and secure while working from a remote location. The most important thing to do is to be diligent in understanding the security ramifications for the locations in which you work and how to deter a breach. If you are careful and responsible in being secure, you will have no problems.

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