Elephone explained the principle of the name of their smartphones

Elephone told about the existing lines of their smartphones, and also explained, by what principle these or those models get different letters in names.

The ruler X-Seires of the manufacturer is flagship, it features the most innovative models with an interesting design and advanced hardware component.

The P-series also gets a fairly productive filling, but not so advanced design, which is sacrificed for the benefit of a more attractive price.

A series of smartphones Elephone S has already presented there a very interesting model Elephone S7, which received a curved display on the sides. In this case, the rate is made on the appearance, and the characteristics are fairly average by today’s standards now lephone Ready for Launch one more S-Series Smartphone Elephone S8 its Tri-Bezel Less Display smartphone.

There remain series A and C, which include smartphones with a simple design, a weak filling and a very affordable price.


  1. I bought the S7 X 25 from them,as the green S7 I wanted was not going to be made.
    It was one of the worst phones I had ever bought,so many problems.But since then,Elephone has carried out 3 large OTA updates and it has gone on to be a very good phone.

    I wanted to post that on their Facebook page only to find out they have blocked anyone who posted anything negative about their phones!!!!!!

    I love most things about the phone now ,it looks good,is super fast ,never crashes apart from really bad battery life, a back cover that will scratch so very easy,even with the cover on it ,a company that bans you from posting anything bad on their Facebook page and zero customer service.I sent over 13 emails and never had one reply.

    Would I buy another phone from them,I think if customer service is improved I would be more than happy to buy their new S8 or newer models.But am also interested in the new Flames phone from Hotwav ,that will be released in June.

    I would also like to thank Gearbest who were very helpful when I had all the problems at the start.

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