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13 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks (2017 Updated)

As we all know WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular app across all mobile platforms, which has around 600 billion active users. But most of the users are not aware with some useful hidden tricks of WhatsApp which will make your WhatsApp experience even better.

So today I am going to showcase some of WhatsApp’s lesser known features along with some latest top tricks which will make you a WhatsApp master.

Excited? So let’s get started.


Video showing all the Features (Highly Recommended)


  • Listen private audios secretly

Now there are times when you at a public place or maybe you are with your friend or family and suddenly you got an audio message from a friend and you don’t have your earphones at the moment. Now this audio may contain some private message or may be something important which you don’t wanna share with others around you. In that case there is a very useful trick in WhatsApp to avoid your privacy.

So once you receive the audio message just play it and take the phone to your ears just like we used to do whenever we receive a call. By doing this the audio will automatically play through the ear piece rather than playing through the primary speakers. This is a very useful trick for those who are quite concern about their privacy.


  • Convert Videos into GIFs

By using this trick you can create six second long GIF inside WhatsApp taken from any length video and you don’t have to use any third party app isn’t cool. So let’s see how to do that. To create a GIF head over to the WhatsApp and open a conversation to which you want to send the GIF. Now tap on this attachment icon and select gallery. Now from the gallery you have to select a video of which you want to create a GIF. It could be any video clip or you can shoot your own video. Once you select the desired clip it will appear in video editor. Now as I mentioned earlier that only 6 seconds of the clip can be used to create a GIF so you have select the 6 seconds that you want. Once you are done trimming the video just tap this camcorder icon at the top right corner and you are done. Now if you want to make any changes in the video you can do that too. Once you are satisfied with the clip add the optional? message if you want and tap this green arrow icon to send.


  • Change font in WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows its users to make changes in font style while sending messages to others. But most users don’t know about this trick yet. You can make your font bold or rather italic in a WhatsApp message.

Like if you want to make your font Bold: Add an asterisk (*) before and after the specific words or phrases.

For Italics: Add an underscore (_) before and after

For Strikethrough: Add a tilde


  • Send any file format

Everyone knows that we can send images, videos, and audio via WhatsApp. But What if we want to share other file formats over WhatsApp. Previously this was not possible but there is a very simple trick to do that. You can even send large files of different file formats by using this trick. So let’s see how to do that

  1. First Download and Install Dropbox appand CloudSend App from Google play store on your phone.
  2. Open CloudSend. You will be asked to link CloudSend with Dropbox, so allow it.
  3. Now Share the file on CloudSend which you want to share. The file will get automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account and you will get a link to that file.
  4. You can Share this” link” to any friends on WhatsApp. On clicking of the link your friend will be able to download the file.


  • Use WhatsApp without number

Use a Whatsapp account without a number is yet another trick in all best whatsapp tricks and hacks. Some time we need to hide our identity to talk with a stranger. With the help of this whatsapp hack we can use whatsapp account without disclosing number. So let’s see how to do that.

First you have to download and install WhatsApp on your device and if you are currently using it then logout to your current number or you can also use parallel space app to create two what Sapp account.

Once that is done download an app called primo from the play store. After that simply complete the signup process and verify your current number which you are using. After verification is done, click on the top left corner and you will see a new US number just write it down.

Now you have to enter this number in WhatsApp verification and click continue. After that you will receive a verification code so enter it in whatsapp and you are done. In Case you don’t receive the code then you can also try call me verification method that will also work.  Now you have successfully signed up in your whatsapp with a fake US number.


  • Recover Deleted messages

Sometime we accidentally delete our whatsapp messages and suddenly realise that those messages were important, therefore you need to get back that message again. Whatsapp provide backup of all your messages and conversion in the phone memory so we can recover our old messages again.  WhatsApp creates automatic backup file of your data every day at 2 AM and it stored in SD card.

  • So in order to recover your deleted messages first you have to Uninstalland then re-install WhatsApp.
  • Once that is done Sign up with the same numberyou used WhatsApp. After verification is done you will be prompted that a backup has been found.
  • Tap “Restore” and you are done. Now all your deleted messages will be restored.


  • Migrate Whatsapp Account From One Phone To Other

Moving to a new phone can be a pain, since you have bought a new Android phone and want to shift your data including Whatsapp message to your new phone and this could be a very time consuming task. But don’t worry I will show you a very useful trick through which you can migrate your whatsapp account from one to another without any data loss.  So let’s start

  • Open the file manager of your old Android phone and Find the Whatsapp folder and open it. There you will find 3 folders as BACKUPS, DATABASES and MEDIA just copy all the 3 folders to your PC.
  • Now install WhatsApp on your new Android phone and do not setup it yet, now again navigate to whatsapp folder on you   new device and from there you just have to replace all the 3 folders which you copied from your old device that’s it. Once that is done open the whatsapp on your new device and go through with the verification process. Once that is completed you will get a prompt to “restore” just tap on that and boom you are done.


  • Hide WhatsApp Folders from Gallery

Many people wants to know how to hide Whatsapp images from Gallery in Android phone. As, nowadays there are many Groups added on our Number, we receive too many Images & Videos from friends on them. But, it’s too necessary to hide all of them from your gallery and fortunately there is a very simple trick for that too.

To hide media file open your file manager then go to the whatsapp folder. Here you will find a folder called media just click on that, now from here you just have to rename 2 folders which are whatsapp images and whatsapp videos.

Just add a DOT in the prefix of both the folder like .WhatsApp images and. Whatsapp video that’s it. Now this will hide all the videos and images of WhatsApp from you gallery.


  • Use Less Data on WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp is not just a message app it is one of the essential mobile app that supports multiple mobile platforms with excellent features and unlimited text and media messaging. Recently WhatsApp introduced video calling feature which lets you do video calls with your friend and family and it’s really amazing but this may drain out your mobile data quickly if you don’t use WIFI More often.

But don’t worry you can solve this very easily by just using less data on your WhatsApp calls. In settings you will find an option called data usage click on that and here you just have to check this option which says low data usage. By doing this you will definitely save some cellular data which you may use for other purposes.


  • Use WhatsApp with OK GOOGLE

If you use the Google app on Android to text someone, you’ll be glad to know that you can also send text messages on whatsapp using OK GOOGLE command. This will definitely come handy when you are driving or maybe you are holding something and  at that moment you have to send an important text message.



  • Hide Notification Preview of Messages

Whenever a WhatsApp message pops up, the preview shows some content of the message in notifications. While you are with your friends, relatives or colleagues, you would never like to disclose any personal content. To avoid this situation there is a very simple trick for android devices.

To hide notification previews go to Settings then Apps. Here scroll down and find WhatsApp then Notifications. Now from here click on “Block all” this will basically hide all the notification previews of your messages.


  • Read a Message without Going Online

As we all know in WhatsApp the blue check mark lets senders know the recipient has read the message. This particular feature has an advantage as well as disadvantage.

The advantage is you will know whether the receiver has read the message or not. But at the same time, the disadvantage is if you do not reply to the sender right away, the sender may feel awkward and will assume that you have ignored them.

To avoid such awkward situations, here is a simple method you can use to read WhatsApp messages without alerting the sender’s attention to their action by triggering the blue ticks.

Once you get a message don’t open the app immediately, turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data and this will take WhatsApp offline. Now go ahead and read the message and you won’t alert the sender since you’ll be reading the message from app cache. To ensure you don’t blow your cover make sure to close WhatsApp app before turning off your Wi-Fi/ mobile data connection.


  • Remove All Junk Photos in WhatsApp Automatically

Going through the folder yourself to delete unwanted images could be really irritating sometimes, why not have an application that will assist you with the task. And that’s the logic behind an Android application called Siftr Magic. Now in order to clean the junk photos of WhatsApp first head over to the play store and search for Siftr magic app and download it. Once download open the app and click this doctor icon to analyse and scan your device. Once the scan is completed, the app will ask the user if they would like to remove all junk photos from their device. Now before deleting the junk photos I will highly suggest you to go through and check whether any important photo is selected or not. If there is any photo which you want to keep then just uncheck it. Now the last thing which you have to do it to click on this delete icon and the app will immediately delete the junk photos from the device just like this.


So guys these are few best working whatsapp tricks and hacks which I think are quite helpful. These Whatsapp tricks will make your experience better. No doubt there are many other possible ways and tricks available for whatsapp. But I tried my best to list some of the most useful tricks, so if you find these tricks useful then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and I will see you guys in my next one.


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