5 Tips to choosing the best phone system for your business

With so many competing services out there at the moment, choosing the right telephone system for your business can be a tricky process. Breaking down the jargon can be hard enough, and understanding the pros and cons of different packages can be enough to give you a headache. However, if you follow these 5 tips, it should help in making the process a little less complicated.


  1. Assess how many phones you need. One of the most important factors in assessing which phone system you should choose for your business is understanding the number of phones that your business will need. You need to consider not only how many staff you currently have but also how your business is likely to grow, or shrink, in the foreseeable future. Understanding the size of the system you will need is the first step in working out which system is right for you.


  1. Decide whether you want to keep your number. If your business has operated with the same phone number for a number of years, and it is known by your core business clients, you may wish to consider keeping the number and upgrading the phone system only. This may limit the number of operators that you can work with, or the packages that are available to you. Conversely, if you are willing to make a clean start and adopt a new number then this may allow you to take advantage of different offers. Start by working out if you are willing to lose your current number, or if you wish to hold onto it moving forward.


  1. What features do you need? Different phone systems will offer different features. Do you need voicemail? Call forwarding? Quick dial buttons? Speaker phones? These are just a few of the more basic features that modern telephone systems can offer. Having an idea of exactly what you want your system to be able to do, will help you pick the package that is right for you. It should also help you avoid paying for a number of features that you never initially needed or wanted. Have an idea of your business needs and stick to it.


  1. Decide on your budget. One of the most important negotiating tools is having an idea of your starting price and your hard limit when it comes to price. Not only will this save you time but will also prevent you from viewing systems that are out of your price range. It also allows you a firm base to negotiate prices from.


  1. If you are not sure of what your requirements are, one of the easiest ways to get a review of your business needs is to get a Comms system analysis from a company such as Commander Business Phones. This analysis is usually worth $397, but you can currently claim it for free at the Commander Business Phones’ website which you can find here. Their quick quiz will help you analyze your business needs and recommend which of their services is right for you.

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