6GB LPDDR4x RAM and Dual cameras, is it xiaomi Mi 6? No, it’s DOOGEE MIX

Recently xiaomi Mi 6 unveiled and features a 6GB of RAM and dual cameras in the rear. That’s also the configuration you can found in vivo XPlay6 and Huawei P10 Plus, indicating a prevalence of dual cameras in flagships this year. If you are not going to pay $400 or $500 for a smartphone, then you may be interested in a budget substitute, and I think DOOGEE MIX will be suitable for you. It features a 5.5”full display, and still able to carry dual cameras, 4GB or 6GB RAM out of box.

DOOGEE MIX features a bezel-less design with 5.5” Super AMOLED screen, which is a similar looking as Mi MIX, makes the display stretches to the top and keep a “chin” with front fingerprint and 5.0MP selfie camera.

Except for the eye-catching design in the front, the 16.0MP+8.0MP dual camera in the rear is also impressed. Information shows it will be a RGB sensor accompanied by a monochrome sensor, the same design as Huawei P10, working independently to improve image quality. It will be a “real” dual camera design. When one sensor is covered, the other could still work and capture the picture as normal. The assistant camera in xiaomi Mi 6 and iPhone 7 Plus has a different function and not able to capture pictures independently, working as a telephoto lens to make a zoom effect.

DOOGEE MIX will come sporting a power saving Helio P25 or X30 processor, and have 4GB or 6GB variants. As MediaTek shows, Helio P25 and X30 will support the LPDDR4x RAM, which saves power by using a lower operating voltage than its predecessor. Comparing with the Snapdragon 835 in Mi 6, it is not inferior with a 2.5GHz rate frequency and the same 6GB LPDDR4x RAM.

Concept video of DOOGEE MIX

If you are not a top brand addict and want to enjoy a flagship level performance, then the 6GB RAM and dual camera DOOGEE MIX will satisfy you as a budget substitute, not to mention the 5.5” full display and the latest power saving processor. It will enter the market in the middle of next month, the price will be around $200 according to our sources.

A warm-up video clip of DOOGEE MIX

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