Xiaomi Mi 6 Is All Set to Ship – First Batch Pictured Fresh Out of Production Line

The Xiaomi Mi 6 was finally launched on April 19 after a long wait. The next waiting period is for the device to go up for sale and that won’t be a long wait. According to the Mi 6’s itinerary, the device opened for registrations the same day it was announced and the flagship is fixed to go up for sale on April 28.

Ahead of the first sale, popular Chinese tech blogger Luo Yiwen V has leaked a photo taken from Xiaomi’s factory and which reveals that the Mi 6 first batch of production units are out of the production line. The picture had an April 21 date at 8.13pm as the date and time it was taken. Although the number of units in the first batch that is set for shipment wasn’t disclosed, Xiaomi will sure need lots of units as registrations are spiking presently.

The Mi 6 pre-order on Jingdong alone has exceeded 600,000 persons and the first sale is still up to four days away. Don’t forget the Xiaomi flagship will also go on sales on other platforms like Lynx, Xiaomi Mall, Suning and others. Thus, registrations may cumulatively likely be getting up to 2 million now. We do hope Xiaomi has got a large stock awaiting its first flash sale of the Mi 6 set for April 28.

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