Xiaomi Mi 6 Official Theme Song Released – ‘Only One’ By Jiang Han!

The first official English theme song of a Xiaomi smartphone has been released. First posted by ‘@MIUI official on Weibo,’ the song is not only sweet, but the lyrics are beautiful. What’s more surprising is that the lyrics match the description of Xiaomi Mi 6 perfectly. The song named ‘Only One’ is composed and sung by a Chinese singer ‘Jiang Han.’

Here’s the video of the theme song:

Moreover, the design of Xiaomi Mi 6 is based on its older brothers ‘Xiaomi Mi 5’ and ‘Xiaomi Mi 5s’, but there’s a lot of optimization done in bringing more value and premium feeling out of the phone. The glass and ceramic chassis have an incredible reflection and luckily the song also mentions it.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Xiaomi theme song

So, how’s the theme song of Xiaomi Mi 6? Did you like it? Make sure to comment!


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