No.1 F2 Smartwatch Review – A $17 G-Shock Killer, No Need To Charge!

Ever wanted a smartwatch with a different look? A smartwatch within a sports watch. One that doesn’t need to charge, not even once. The smartwatch manufacturers from the Chinese land known as ‘No.1’ has made something extraordinary apart from its previous releases. Our today’s protagonist ‘No.1 F2’ is such a smartwatch under a rugged sports watch design which allows endless features for a stupendous price of $17. Hard to believe? Well, it’s damn true!

So, to know F2 Smartwatch better, let’s dive into the details of the smartwatch:

No.1 F2 Smartwatch Review – Smartness That Last For Years

Design & Appearance

When we take a glance at No.1 F2, it appears that the manufacturer is reviving vintage sports watch design. It’s not that vintage layouts aren’t beautiful. They are elegant but also represented toughness at the same time. This is exactly what today’s smartwatch era lacks, no robustness with smartness. The watch features a rugged design, and even the magnetic ink display is old. It molds from nano silicone so that you won’t get any scratches at all. Even if it gets rough after years of use you can buy a new one as it’s only $17.

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No.1 F2 review - design 1

As it’s labeled, the F2 design is based on the recent G-Shock sports watches that features a hell of shock resistance. Moreover, the chassis is tightly sealed making it waterproof (IP68 certified) at the same time. Regarding size, it’s a bit larger watch with the dimension of 5.6 x 5.6 x 1.68 cm.

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The band is also plastic occupying a space of 23 x 2.2 cm. There’re many colors options available: Black, Green, and Blue. It should be noted that only the strap and the circular frame color is different in the colored variants.

No.1 F2 review - Comparison

Left (Another G-Shock Sports Watch), Right (No.1 F2 Smartwatch)

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As far as the style is concerned, the colored studs on the four sides and silver buttons further enhances the beauty of the watch.

No.1 F2 review - Screen

On the rear, we have the tightly sealed stainless steel lid. Heart rate sensor is absent on the watch which is the only drawback I see. But, we can neglect it for that price, right?

No.1 F2 review - Rear

Summing up the design section, No.1 F2 smartwatch has To taste rather than a premium and stylish appearance.

Hardware & Features

No.1 F2 is the only smartwatch I have seen so far that don’t integrate a good processor. To make the watch super energy efficient a built-in chip called Dialog DA14580 has been introduced similar to that in all sports watch. If a MedaiTek SoC was used instead then I’m afraid that the watch would hardly last for a day not years. The chipset has a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module that allows the user to connect to the app.

No.1 F2 review - Screen

Heading to the features, F2 smartwatch integrates tons of them. The most accurate ones are the pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie counter, stopwatch, and distance meter. The accuracy of these features is almost high similar to Mi Band and other Chinese smartwatches. The least accurate or I guess the fake ones are the thermometer, UV index, and Altitude meter. I checked that indoor temperature and the outdoor, the readings were somewhat disappointing. Even the UV index had the same result. I believe that the manufacturer has provided them just for fun (not working) under $17.

All these features are always active and shown on display.  Still, you can’t switch to a single on to check the progress. The notifications and the calls are supported on the watch. But sadly, you can’t view them in detail. Only an icon will appear on the top, and the watch will just beep. The watch isn’t entirely smartphone independent.

You can go for a walk without your smartphone, and the watch will measure the steps for a day. But, remember to synchronize the data with your phone as after a day the data resets.

Display & Battery

No.1 F2 smartwatch incorporates a 1.1 non-touch cold magnetic-ink display. Like the design, the display is old school. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros are that the screen is energy efficient, durable and produces no glare in sunlight, unlike the LEDs. It’s always on, day and night, but you can’t view the screen in the dark. To overcome the problem, there’s a built-in LED light (activated by pressing the top left button) that reminds us of the golden days 5 to 10 years back.

Now comes the selling point of the No.1 F2 smartwatch, which is its battery. To retain the tradition of using a cell in sports watch, F2 is powered by a 550mAh CR2450 button battery. The manufacturer claims that the watch has a two years standby and one year with average use on a single charge. I haven’t tested F2 smartwatch that long as it’s a recent release. It’s has been only a week since I’m using it and the battery is still 100%. But, I bet the watch will run for at least six months when connected to Bluetooth. Thanks to the energy-efficient chip and screen. The battery can’t be recharged via an adapter, but it’s replaceable with another battery.

App Preview

Thankful, the watch has a dedicated mobile app  ‘Fundo Bracelet’ to check the readings and the progress.

No.1 F2 review - App

The UI of the app is excellent and straightforward. However, compatibility is an issue as the app keeps crashing. Hope the developers fix it soon.

Step: Connect the app with the watch to synchronize the data.

No.1 F2 review - app 1

The statistics are shown on the main page.

No.1 F2 review - App 3No.1 F2 review - App 2

You can set the alarm, notifications, calls etc from here.

No.1 F2 review - app 4

Even you can set notifications for different apps here.

No.1 F2 review - App 5

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable Price
  • Sturdy Design (G-Shock)
  • Long lasting battery (up to a year)
  • Tons of Features


  • Plastic built
  • Instability issues with App
  • Some features are just for fun (not accurate)

Specification Sheet

Attention: The internal data of table “183” is corrupted!

Our Verdict

No.1 F2 smartwatch is one of the best Chinese watches that has a taste of both sports watch and smartwatch. Although, the sports audience highly prefer the watch due to the sturdy design and a sports watch appearance. Half of the features are not accurate and just for fun, but the important one like pedometer are highly accurate. At last, the watch is ultra-affordable, and we can say that No.1 F2 is:

The longest running Chinese smartwatch on the planet

Price & Availability

You can buy No.1 F2 Smartwatch from GearBest for the lowest price on the internet which is $16.99. At last, we will like to end this review by giving you the link to the store:


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