Battery war in Mi MIX, Samsung S8, DOOGEE MIX, who will be the winner?

Full display has become a trending in smartphone design, though there are some shortcuts of full display, one of these is the huge power drainage. Different manufacturer have different solutions to this problem. While Mi MIX have to put a 4000mAh big battery with it, Samsung S8 answer with a 3000mAh battery, the newly released DOOGEE MIX claimed to carry a 3380mAh battery with a extraordinary low battery consumption.

When the screen gets bigger, the power loses quicker. Mi MIX is able to put a 4000mAh big battery in the 6.4” big screen, which Samsung and DOOGEE cannot with a much smaller body.(Samsung S8 in 5.7”, DOOGEE MIX in 5.5”) That’s why they choose AMOLED screen. The active matrix backplane in it can save 30% in battery consumption. There are rumors of Mi MIX 2 will apply this screen, but it has lost one point at this time.

Speaking of power saving, the different material used in smartphones will affect the battery performance. The influential point is body cooling. Mi MIX claimed to apply ceramics in body, which means it is easy to overheat while using, and lower battery life. DOOGEE MIX used a plating vacuum deposition technology to build a stainless steel frame, which performs greater in body cooling than polycarbonate plastic or ceramics. It keeps a stable temperature while using or charging, and becomes more power saving.

We can tell how the material affects body temperature with the IR thermometer. Test while charging.

Besides, the processor performance is decisive in battery life. All the three phones choose premium SoCs, while DOOGEE made the best balance between efficiency and power consumption. The Helio P25 purpportedly used in DOOGEE MIX is the latest processor launched by Mediatek, boasting low power consumption and high efficiency.


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