Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition Beautiful Hands-on Images

Xiaomi’s 2017 flagship, the elegant Mi 6 made its grand appearance on Wednesday, arrayed in a number of colours which are different from the usual ones Xiaomi uses on its devices. The Mi 6 comes in Black, Blue, White and a Silver variant, bearing in mind that the ceramic edition has a black color. Perhaps, the most outstanding one is the metallic silver version which is the first of its kind by Xiaomi and is even still in the test stage.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition

The Mi 6 Silver edition will likely be a limited edition as it is said to be produced using a very difficult and critical electroplating process. The electroplating process is very sensitive such that it is done in a vacuum environment where dust and other impurities are completely absent. According to Xiaomi, a single speck of dust can render the entire batch useless during electroplating.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition

The Silver variant comes with a special highly reflective mirror-like finish which makes the device even suitable for use as a looking glass. The device still uses a stainless-steel fuselage and has the same design as the other versions. The display is a curved one as well as the rear casing and that gives it a good grasp quality making it difficult for the device to slip from the hands. We also believe the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver edition will be fairly durable since it is a special glass body. Perhaps, the glass is of a special quality hence the standard electroplating process.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition

If you are looking to buy the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver edition, you might have to wait a while longer. The device won’t be joining the other variants to go up on sale on April 28 as mass production is yet to commence.

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