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After developers built the custom ROM of Lineage OS for the AGM X1, AGM officially announced that the source code of Android 7.0 Nougat for AGM X1 will be released soon. mean while They are inviting the developers to build more custom ROMs and optimize users’experience of the phone at the same time.

AGM X1 Lineage OS 13.0

One of the latest devices to gain its support for Lineage OS is the AGM X1. This is a new smartphone from AGM which looks to offer a decent level of specs, with a very rugged body. In terms of its ruggedness, not only is this a device that sports a more durable exterior, but it is also a device which comes with an IP68 certification for protection against dust and water. And now that it has gained its own Lineage OS support, the AGM X1 is able to enjoy all the benefits of Lineage 13.0 – which is based on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). To highlight the newly-added Lineage OS support, AGM has released a new video highlighting in detail the sort of performance and features that you can expect by installing Lineage OS on the AGM X1.

AGM X1 released source code for developers

For those who have Android smartphones, it’s quite common and a great fun for them to flash custom ROMs designed by third party developers to their handsets over the stock Android , given the fact that most of custom ROMs come with more intriguing features. Therefore, the rugged device maker AGM company announced that now they have already released the source code of its flagship the AGM X1 for the third party developers in order to fulfill the needs of their majority of users, despite the AGM X1 is able to run Lineage OS which is one of the best known custom ROMs out there, it won’t take long that the users of AGM X1 can feel free to flash various custom ROMs to their devices in the light of the top-notch specs the phone is with.

They are recruiting global teams and developers to build more ROMs for customers.
In the light of the Qualcomm’s non-disclosure agreement for preventing the source code from leaking, all the developers are required to sign the non-disclosure agreement with AGM.
Your works will be posted on forums and User with Highest score will be win latest Flagship AGM X2.
if you are interest in Android ROM development and have intention to cooperate with AGM,


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