How To Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

YouTube of the second largest Search Engine after Google and every day, millions of videos are uploaded to it. Now, the UI of YouTube isn’t bad in any sense and fact, after the Material design update of YouTube, the interface looks more dope. But, the eyes suffer when we browse YouTube at night due to that White and Red color combination. Well, not from now as Google has secretly added a new ‘Dark Mode; feature to YouTube and in this article, we will show you How To Enable Dark Mode on YouTube.


How To Enable Dark Mode on YouTube


Well, enabling it is a matter of just a minute, and if you are already on the material deign YouTube interface, then it is the matter of seconds.In case you are on the old UI, what you need to do is that just go to Developer’s Console on Google Chrome. For this, press CTRL + SHIFT + I and you will be in the console. There you need to paste the line that is given below –


So, just copy this line and paste it in the console. The Next thing you need to do is just press Enter and reload the tab by pressing CTRL + F5 or going to the reload button. Once the YouTube reloads, you will see the new Material design look. Now, if you are not logged in, just go to the 3-dots option on the top right and select the Dark Mode. There you can Toggle it On or Off. If you are logged in, Just click on your profile Picture and there, select Dark Mode option and toggle it ON or Off. So, this is How To Enable Dark More on YouTube. Below is the video tutorial of the same and if you like the video then make sure you hit that red SUBSCRIBE button. And yes, this is free! You can watch movies or TV shows on YouTube at night without having to stress your eyes. You can also use apps like CinemaBox App.


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