7 Android Nougat features that you probably didn’t know about

Why Android Nougat? Android O Developer Preview is already here! Ez pz champs, not everyone has a Pixel or LG or Motorola phones and people are right now mostly on Android Marshmallow and waiting for an upgrade to Nougat. But, before you even upgrade I think you should know the coolest things and features that you can find on Nougat. So, let’s get into 7 Android Nougat features, that I believe to be useful.

1. Multi window

This is probably the best feature I love to use. Samsung users had the option to run multiple apps in same windows so that they don’t need to switch between apps often and now I can use the same on Android Nougat. This makes switching between apps so hassle free.

Multi Windows Moto G4 Plus running Nougat

2. Battery Optimization

battery Optimization has been one of the key points that are talked about whenever a new version of Android arrives. With Android N, you can optimize apps to use less power. However, apps like Facebook don’t seem to get affected and continue to shit.

3. Data Saver

Limited data plans always haunt people, but now you can be relieved a lot as the Android Nougat comes with an inbuilt data saver feature that will ensure that the apps use a lesser amount of data in the background, even in the foreground the apps are expected to use lesser data than usual.

4. Quick Settings Menu Arrangement

While you drag down the quick toggles, or while you just drag down your notification and see the toggles in a straight line won’t you wish that you could change the positions of them as per your needs? For example, I don’t use Bluetooth much, however, it’s always on and connected to my Pebble neither I use the Hotspot very often so what do I do? I just tap edit and rearrange the toggles so that the ones I need frequently are placed prior to the ones I rarely use.

5. Power Notifications

This is kinda good when you are addicted to social media, work and stay connected to everyone. You can basically prioritize the notifications using this tweak. You can set priority from level 1 to level 5, that means if you set level 5 for Gmail app the notifications from the Gmail app will get the highest level of priority. Here’s a bit more about the different levels.

  • Level 5 — Allows full-screen interruption and the notification always peek from the top of the screen. Shows up at the top of your notification list.
  • Level 4 — This one prevents full-screen interruptions, but the notifications peek from the top of the screen.
  • Level 3 — It prevents full-screen interruptions and does not support notification peeking.
  • Level 2 — This one prevents full-screen interruptions and does not support notification peeking. You won’t receive sound or vibration alerts about incoming notifications won’t sound or vibrate.
  • Level 1 — No full-screen interruptions, no notification peeking, no sound or vibration alerts, not showing up on the lock screen and the status bar. The app’s notifications will show up at the very bottom of your notification list.

6. Collect all cats [BONUS- FOR FUN]

This is not really a feature, but kinda game which tests your patience. Go to settings>about and tap the Android N logo a couple of times and then press and hold it until a cat emoji appears. Now go to the Quick settings menu and edit it, bring up the cat tile. Tap on the empty plate, select the bait and wait for the cat to show up.

7. Display Resizing

Reading small text is painful and also sometimes, you just wish you could resize everything so here’s a nifty feature that will let you do the same.

To do this go to settings>display>display size and adjust the slider as per your comfort level.

8. App Shortcuts

This is quite useful while you want to go to a particular section of an app. This feature is kinda like 3D Touch as seen on iOS and now you can just long press on an app icon to check out the app shortcuts.

So, these were the 7 Android Nougat features that probably you haven’t heard yet or you may already have a phone running Nougat but didn’t try them all. Try them out, they are helpful and will surely boost the user experience.

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