Zebronics MAX Mechanical Keyboard Review (REAL 38$ Gaming Beast)

Now a days Mechanical keyboards are very trending and every die hard gamer including me wants one. But most of the mechanical keyboards in the market are quite expensive and they are heavily priced. But today I have a mechanical keyboard from a company called Zebronics which focuses more toward quality and user experience while maintaining a good pricing.

The keyboard is called Zebronics Max Mechanical Keyboard and in this video I am going to do a full In-Depth review of this keyboard.

Excited? So let’s get started.


Video Review (Highly Recommended)


Built & Design

So let’s start with the built and design the max mechanical keyboard is housing a metal frame which has a matte finish and it feel quite sturdy and there is little to no flex. On the bottom it has rubberised Pads on all four feet to ensure that the keyboard doesn’t move or slide while typing or even taking some hard key strokes while playing some of your favourite games because this one is a gaming centric keyboard and focuses more towards user experience.

Now if you take a closer look then you will find that there is no number pad which means it’s a TEN KEY LESS keyboard and that’s totally normal for a mechanical keyboard.

As it’s a mechanical keyboard thus you can experience the click with each keystroke which are quite loud and tactile. It comes with clean and beautiful backlighting enabling user to enjoy the typing even in low or dark lighting conditions without any worry.

The Vibrant multi-colour lights comes integrated into the keycaps with pre-programmed LED modes which means you cannot change the LED modes. You can select among three brightness levels which are low, medium and high. Additionally you also have a dedicated LED switch on/off key.

On the left you will find LED indicator for Scroll and caps lock along which Zebronics logo and I think it really blends with the overall design of the keyboard by giving it a more futuristic look.

At the top the Keyboard has 12 multimedia controls on function keys that lets you access features like play or pause a song, fast forward movies, adjust volume and more at a push of a button.

It has a Gold plated USB Connector with Braided Cabled which are made up of good quality. The length of the cable is about 1.8 m and it also has Velcro straps for better management of cables according to your work space.


Key Switches

Now let’s talk about the Switches because in a mechanical keyboard keycaps are the most important part. The Max Mechanical Keyboard has suspended interchangeable keycaps with dual mode injection which makes it customisable. The Keycaps are also compatible with Cherry MX keys which is considered as one best keycaps in the market, so with this mechanical keyboard you will also be able to swap different accented keycaps which some of the users will surely find useful.

The Zebronics Max Keyboard uses Outemu Blue clear switches which has a similar tactile feel to Cherry MX Blues, the only downside is that some users may find that the keystrokes are quite louder but I personally like it that way.



I use this keyboard to write the script for this video and personally I liked it. I used this keyboard for about a week and the overall performance of this mechanical keyboard is above my expectations. But ya there are something about this keyboard which some users may not like. Like if you are one of those who use number pad more frequently then this keyboard is definitely not for you but I think it’s a perfect choice for games who like to play their favourite games in different lightening conditions.

Now according to me the main selling factor of this Zebronics max mechanical keyboard rather than its solid build quality is its pricing factor.

The keyboard is aggressively priced at 2400 INR which is roughly equal to 38 USD and if in case after watching this review you want to buy one for yourself then the purchase like will be in the description down below.

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