3 Ways rugged computers and tablets are important and how they are different than regular laptops/tablets

Amidst the ever-increasing demand for various electronic commodities, tablets and laptops emerge as the most popular devices among consumers worldwide. The incredible range of features and functions combined in a single and compact device, provide laptops and tablets a considerable edge against desktop computers, calculators, MP3 players, and even mobile phones.

There are different types of laptops that are currently available o the market: netbooks, traditional, business, gaming, hybrid, rugged laptops, and much more. For tablets, there are three basic types: slate, convertible, and rugged. The slate tablet is the most common and the most popular among the three. It is what most of us use to run our favorite applications. Convertible tablets are similar to hybrid laptops; they feature intermediate specifications and functions between slate tablets and laptops.

What is the difference between rugged tablets and laptop computers from the regular ones?

Rugged laptops and tablets are specifically designed for regular usage over extended periods of time. They are also made to deliver even under demanding and intense working conditions. Rugged tablets and laptops are recommended for people working in field services, transportation, distribution, healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, and other occupations. And because they work well even when exposed to dust, water, extreme temperatures, and rough handling, they are widely used for extreme sports and outdoor recreation activities too.

Learn more about the top 3 ways of how rugged computers and tablets are important. And see for yourself why you should consider buying one in the future.

  1. They have longer product lifespan compared to their regular counterparts.

Rugged laptops and tablets have a minimum IP (or Ingress Protection) rating of at IP-54. It means that every rugged device is protected against dust with limited ingress, and against water splashes. More durable units can reach a maximum of IP-68 rating with total protection against dust, and water submersion (at depth and under pressure).

Besides dust and water tolerance, rugged laptops and tablets can withstand shock from accidental drops. The durable structure and low percentage of failure of their parts make rugged laptops and tablets the most reliable electronic assistants. In the long run, you can also save money and avoid frequent replacements of sub-standard tablets and computers.

  1. Rugged laptops and tablets have enhanced security features.

Some models of rugged computers feature multiple security layers with each layer having its own hybrid configurable encryption. They are designed to protect sensitive information against potential hackers and attackers. Some are equipped with built-in card readers, fingerprint scanners, and multi-step authentication software to ensure that only the authorized personnel can access the data from the unit.

  1. They have better display and touch sensors.

Rugged laptops and tablets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity variations; maintaining the same sensitivity to touch even when used in cold snowy outdoors or inside warm and humid warehouses. The screen brightness automatically adjusts for optimum readability and color display that are equally great for people who work in the dark or under the intense heat of the sun.

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