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OnePlus 3/3T – Unlock BootLoader & Install Twrp Recovery (Step By Step Guide)

Oneplus 3/3t a phone that is considered as one of the best android smartphone of year 2016 and still in 2017 it’s the BEAST in BUDGET. Since last couple of week lots of my viewers are requesting me to make a full step by step guide to unlock the boot loader and install TWRP recovery on oneplus 3/3t.

So I thought let’s do it. The method which I am going to show you will also work with oneplus one and oneplus two and it’s a universal method.

So now with that been said let’s start.


Step by Step Video Guide (Highly Recommended)

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Now before starting the actual process lets download some important files first.

1- First one on the list is Fastboot Zip file

2- And the second one is TWRP recovery image.


Steps Involved in Unlocking BootLoader (For Better Understanding Watch the Video)

  • Now head over to your device and the very first thing that you have to do is to make a backup of your data because if you unlock the bootloader then all your data will be wiped out so taking a backup is must.
  • Once that is done go to the setting menu, then about phone now tap on build number 7 times to enable the developers option. Than go back and click on developers option from there you have to enable 2 options, first one is OEM unlocking and second one is USB debugging.
  • Now before moving forward make sure your battery is at least 60% charged which is highly recommended. Now switch off you device and boot into Fastboot mode by holding volume up + power button for few seconds until you see this screen. Now you have successfully booted your device into Fastboot mode, now connect your device with PC via USB cable.
  • Then head over to you PC and open the folder where you put both the downloaded files. Now extract the Fastboot zip file once that is done copy this TWRP recovery image to that folder.
  • After that is done now you have to type some commands to unlock the bootloader and install the TWRP recovery.
  • Open the Fastboot folder now hold shift and right click on mouse and click this option which says “open command window here”. This will basically open the command window and keep that in mind that you have to open this command windows over this Fastboot folder only.
  • Now type “fastboot devices” and press enter to confirm that your USB drivers are installed properly or not.
  • Now to unlock the bootloader type “fastboot oem unlock” and press enter, then a prompt will pop up on your device and it will ask for permissions to unlock the bootloader. So navigate to yes by using volume up and down now hit power button to confirm.
  • Now as I told you earlier that this will wipe all your data so again make sure to do a backup. Now you device will automatically reboot and the first boot will take more time than the normal boot so relax. Once the boot is finished you have to setup you device.


Steps Involved in Installing TWRP Recovery (For Better Understanding Watch the Video)

  • Now the next thing that we are going to do is to install a TWRP recovery and again for that head over to the developer’s option and enable USB debugging because after unlocking the boot loader all the system settings are reset.
  • Once that is done switch off your device and again boot into Fastboot mode. Now if you look closer it is showing that your device is unlocked and this confirms that your bootloader is now unlocked. Now connect the device with PC via USB cable and head over to your PC and open that Fastboot folder where we put the TWRP image.
  • Now open the command window by holding shift and right clicking on the mouse and type “fastboot flash recovery twrp” and press shift this will automatically fill the name of TWRP image file now press enter and you are done.
  • Now type “fastboot reboot bootloader” this will reboot your bootloader now head over to your device and navigate to recovery and hit power button to select it. This will basically boot your device into recovery mode.
  • Once booted swipe the blue button to right to allow modification if you don’t do this you will not be able to boot into TWRP recovery.

Now you have successfully booted our oneplus 3/3t into TWRP recovery and we have also unlocked our bootloader and this method is also applicable for oneplus 1 or oneplus 2. So if you have one of those device then you can also follow the same steps in order to unlock the bootloader and install TWRP recovery.

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