Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Price Leaked – 1599 Yuan ($232), Affordable Or Not?

Every Xiaomi enthusiast knows that Xiaomi Redmi family is supposed to be a budget-friendly. But we witness a whole new scenario while looking at Xiaomi Redmi Pro. Instead of making an ultra-affordable smartphone, Xiaomi did something different, something innovative. The manufacturer from the Chinese land made Redmi Pro the most expensive and premium flagship of the entire Redmi series. A family starting as Xiaomi’s most affordable phones with a price tag less than 999 Yuan, went straight to 1499 Yuan (7) because of Redmi Pro. That’s why it didn’t live up to the moment. But Xiaomi will not easily give up and this leaves us to its upcoming descendant, the second generation of Pro family ‘Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2’.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Price leaked

Today, a Taobao website screenshot was uploaded on Weibo which exposed Xaiomi Redmi Pro 2 price. The screenshot illustrates a poster of Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 on pre-sale with the mentioning of the price at the bottom which is 1599-1799 yuan ($232 – $261), hinting a standard and high version. In comparison with the price of its older brother, the price has increased 100 yuan. The front panel design of Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 in the screenshot appears to be similar to that of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6.

Now comes the most shocking part. Although there’s no official statement which confirms the existence of Redmi Pro 2 in production, still there are 6 people who have already pre-ordered the phone (probably some die hard Xiaomi fans). The price is high but still the design and the specs wil define the phone and the price.

As for the specs, there are no spoilers yet, but we will inform if any hits Chinese social medias. For that stay tuned!

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