Xiaomi Mi5c Impressions – Hands-On Preview

It’s time to share my Xiaomi Mi5c Impressions in this Hands-on Preview! One thing is certain from the start, Xiaomi spared no expenses when it comes to design – absolutely stunning!

xiaomi mi5c impressions hands on preview beautiful phone

Xiaomi Mi5c Impressions – Specs

Packing the first in-house SoC Surge S1 Xiaomi Mi5c is something exciting for both users and reviews alike.
xiaomi mi5c surge s1 own chip pinecone

Let’s now take a detailed look at the specs of Mi5c!

xiaomi mi5c specs surge s1 pinecone

First of all, Xiaomi Mi5c is one sleek and elegant device! Measuring just 7.1mm thin and weighing only 135 gr. Light, compact and one-hand usage friendly!

xiaomi mi5c specs surge s1 pinecone

Not paying Qualcomm or Mediatek for the chip, Xiaomi has managed to spend all extra resources on built quality and display! Something I really like seeing, compared to Redmi devices.

xiaomi mi5c specs surge s1 pinecone

Surge S1 is a mid-range chip and Xiaomi are not trying to hide it, however, on paper, it compares to Snapdragon 625. I will compare both in the full review coming next week.

Xiaomi Mi5c Unboxing

xiaomi mi5c unboxing

Nothing outstanding regarding packaging, Mi5c is delivered in a small and familiar box.
Inside you’ll find an adapter, USB-C cable and a sim tray pin.

Xiaomi Mi5c Impressions – Design and Built Quality

While most people only care about specs, others crave aesthetics. Xiaomi Mi5c aims to deliver on the latter and it honestly succeeds.

xiaomi mi5c design and built quality

Striking looks and one-hand usage are the focal points with Mi5c, it even surpasses Mi5s.

xiaomi mi5c design and built quality

Applying curved glass while boasting superb screen-to-body ratio along with a front fingerprint scanner is a real winner in my books!

xiaomi mi5c design and built quality

Built quality can even be compared to iPhone 7 and OnePlus 3T.

xiaomi mi5c design and built quality

For navigation, you can use the physical home button and two capacitive keys along side it.


Conclusion for now….

Xiaomi Mi5c is a phone taking the company on a bold new path. Satisfaction is high amongst Xiaomi users for the specs, however, I never really loved the design, and built quality left a bit to be desired.
With Mi5c Xiaomi have produced the best built and most beautiful mid-range device to date.
Believe me, this little device packs quite a few surprises 🙂


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