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5 Cool Tricks Google Now On Tap Can Do Better Than Google Assistant (2017)

Google Assistant a smart, intelligent and easy to use virtual Assistant that has changed the way we used to look at Virtual Assistant. Now Google Assistant is basically the next generation of Google Now on Tap with a more conventional interface and I personally liked it.

Even though Google Now on tap is replaced by Google assistant but still it has a few tricks up its sleeve that Google Assistant yet can’t perform. Now I am aware of the fact that we can access Google now on tap inside Google assistant.

So folks today I am going to show you 5 cool things that Google Now On Tap Can Do Better than Google Assistant.

Excited? So let’s get started


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  • Search Via Camera in real time

Now if you are one of those who like to travel a lot and explore new things then this trick will definitely comes in handy.

By using Now on tap along with you camera you can access information’s about an object or monument about which you don’t know.

To do that just point your camera towards the object then press and hold the home key to access now on tap and here is everything that you wanna know. You can also do the same thing using an image or you can extract information about any product. But in Google assistant you can’t do that.


  • Take Screenshot and share it on the Go

Now how we normally take a screenshot, I guess most of you guys will say by pressing and holding volume down + power key at the same time. But Google now on tap can make things simpler. Let me show you how

For instance you are looking to buy some cool tech on Amazon and finally you found it.  Now you want to share it with you friend by taking a screenshot of that product. Now on tap makes taking screenshot and sharing them lot easier, simply activate now on tap from that screen and press this share button and boom now on tap will take a screenshot and automatically provide you with all sharing option.

But you cannot perform the same task using Google Assistant like I want to take a screenshot of this page using Google Assistant.


  • Get Details of Movies & Music in real time

Now I am a person who loves to watch lots of movie and same goes for the music. But while watching or listening to a song I used to collect information’s regarding that.

For instance couple of days ago I was watching a trailer on YouTube and in the mean time I want to know more about this trailer.So I just tap and hold the home button n to enable now on tap and here is all the information which I wanted to know, the same thing you can also do with music apps while you are listening to a song . Isn’t cool.

But in Google assistant you have to tell the specific name of that movie or song about which you want to know.


  • Get Details out of your message

There are times when we want to check the details of a flight quickly. However, doing a Google Search of the flight and then getting details isn’t the quickest way.

However if you have the flight number mentioned on your screen, in an app or in a chat then you can use Now on Tap to get all the details of the flight like its departure and arrival time.

Along with flight status details, now on Tap also lets you track shipments with ease. If you have the shipment details on the screen, you can just activate now on tap to check details about your package.


  • Do Google Search On particular words and phrases

Now if you are one of those who like to read using your mobile devices then the next tricks could be really useful. By using Google Now on tap you can Google search on particular words or phrases about which you are reading.

For instance I am reading this article and want to know all the details about this word, so I just select the word then press and hold the home button to enable now on tap and here is all the details. You can also use this as a dictionary to improve your knowledge about words.


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