Elephone P25 changes name to Elephone P8

Name of the smartphone quite can quite often send a strong signal to the customer on its own and especially if working in association it can be pretty powerful. So it makes sense that Elephone decided to change the name of their upcoming P25 model to Elephone P8, because it resembled way too much the name of Helio P25 chipset inside of it anyway.

And with the influx of “8” phones and products coming in 2017 it is also only logical to jump on this train. After all Samsung S8 is already out and iPhone 8 will follow in time too. So say hello to the new Elephone P8, which is going to be the currently most powerful smartphone in the company lineup. Well when it’s actually released for real of course…

What is known about the Elephone P8 so far sounds pretty appealing with Helio P25 processor leading the charge with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of inner storage. And 21 MPix rear camera along the 16 Mpix front one are surely not planning to playing the second fiddle too. Now just give us the release day and pricing so we have some idea where to slot this new Elephone exactly on the market.

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