Reliance Jio Set-Top-Box Images Leaked.

Reliance Jio Set-Top-Box Images Leaked.

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The new pictures are quite different from the ones leaked earlier in February, which had revealed round set-top box. The images had a Jio-branded remote along with set-top box which had a circular top.


However, new leaked images suggest Jio is staying with a rectangular design for its set-top box after all.

The pictures show a blue box with Reliance Jio branding on top as well as new set-top box.


The device has a number of ports including a standard cable connector, HDMI, USB, as well as audio and video output.

There’s also an Ethernet port.

JioTV is said to offer more than 360 channels, at least 50 of which will be in HD.

Just like its data services, Reliance Jio is expected to offer its DTH services at much lower prices than its rivals.

The company had also said that its Jio fibre service will offer high-speed Internet at up to 1 Gbps speeds. With Jio fibre and jio tv users will be able to stream and play high-definition games and buffer 4K videos easily.

Meanwhile, Reliance has extended the Jio Prime membership deadline to 15 April.


If you have run out of data in the middle of the month, you can take a data add-on to continue using uninterrupted High-Speed Internet.

Jio Summer Surprise offer benefits:

Jio Rental Jio Prime Prepaid Jio Prime Postpaid Jio Prepaid Plan Jio Postpaid Plan FUP Free Data for 3 Months
Rs. 303 28GB 30GB 2.5GB 2.5GB Daily 1GB FUP 84GB
Rs. 499 56GB 60GB 5GB 5GB Daily 2GB FUP 168GB
Rs. 999 60GB 60GB 12.5GB 12.5GB No FUP 100GB
Rs. 1,999 125GB N/A 30GB N/A No FUP 100GB
Rs. 4,999 350GB N/A 100GB N/A No FUP 100GB
Rs. 9,999 750GB N/A 200GB N/A No FUP 100GB


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