First Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera Sample Leaked

Previously, Mi CEO Lei Jun has confirmed that Mi 6 will be officially released this month . With the release date approaching, Mi 6 more and more information is exposed.

It has been confirmed that Mi 6 is the first Snapdragon 835 processor mobile phone, still provide ceramic version optional, the remaining configuration may include dual-camera, 6GB memory and so on.

In addition, the source revealed that Mi 6 is equipped with IMX400 series of dual-camera program, the camera effect will be greatly improved, called the camera in the history of the strongest Mi phone.

Tonight, Baidu posted it friends exposed Mi 6 photo proofs, from the sample point of view, Mi 6 night shooting effect quite to force, the color is more gorgeous, the details of the reduction is also to force.

In addition, Mi 6 seems to have joined the camera watermark function, watermark display, Mi 6 actually support 5x optical zoom!

At the same time, the users revealed that Mi 6 is really equipped with dual-camera program, in addition to 5 times optical zoom, but also supports four-axis anti-shake.

If the news is true, Mi 6 camera ability really worth looking forward to, and even expected to compete in the first echelon of the product.

Finally, let the product speak it, hope Mi 6 camera can bring surprises.

According to rumors, the Mi 6 will have more curved screen version. Xiaomi Mi6 would be expected to have the screen size 5.15 inches 1080 p resolution and is supplied power from 835 to Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm with 2.45 GHz rhythms pulse, GPU, RAM 540 Adreno option 4/6 GB with LPDDR4 technology, memory of UFS 2.0 with optional 32/64/128 GB and will run on the Android platform 6.0 or 7.0 Android MIUI 8.0 interface the same as sold out.



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