Xiaomi Mi6 Leaked! Xiaomi Mi6 Pro and Mi6 Plus also coming!

Xiaomi Mi6 has been the most anticipated device to launch next to Samsung S8!
Xiaomi Mi6 Leaked and we have all the info on it and its bigger brothers Mi6 Pro and Mi6 Plus!
Read on!

First rumoured prices were announced at 299$, however, this price is reserved only for the basic model – Xiaomi Mi6.
There will also be a Mi6 Pro and Mi6 Plus!

Xiaomi Mi6 Leaked

Xiaomi mi6 Leaked

Continuing the tradition Mi6 will be a flagship-killer, offering the performance, but with a few shortcomings.
First of all, RAM will only be 3GB and storage will be limited to 32 and 64GBs.
Second, Back camera will be 12MP without OIS and the front will be 4MP Ultrapixel.
Sensors will probably be the same as with Mi5S, which is not a bad thinig at 299$!
Battery will be 3200mA only with a FHD 5.15″ IPS panel with 2.5D Glass.
Mi6 will also feature and underclocked version of Snadpragon 835!
We have also heard about a difference in design and built quality, compared to Mi6 Pro and Plus!

Xiaomi Mi6 Pro Leaked

Xiaomi Mi6Pro Leaked

Mi6 Pro will retain 5.15-inch factor, but will feature a higher clocked SD835(2.45GHz)!
We have been hinted at 2K display for Mi5 Pro, but not yet confirmed.
More RAM and storage is also present with 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage!
Battery will be increaced to 4000mAh, offering a good hour or two more screen-on-time!

Biggest difference comes in the camera department!
Mi6 Pro will boast a whopping 30MP Sensor with OIS, courtesy of Sony IMX400!
Front camera will also be boosted to 8MP with a larger aperture for better low-light selfies.
Design-wise Mi6 Pro should be more premium, probably ceramic body and feature a front fingerprint scanner.
Pricing is expected to be 399$+ for the Mi6 Pro!

Xiaomi Mi6 Plus Leaked

Xiaomi Mi6 Plus Leaked

What we do know for now is that the Plus will definitely be a 5.7 or above device!
Display resolution will be with 2:1 aspect ratio(like LG G6 and Samsung S8)
The design will also be similar and more expensive.
RAM will be 8GB and storage space 256GB!
Pricing is expected to start at 599$, which is a lot cheaper than competing Samsung S8(800+$) and LG G6(750$)

Xiaomi mi6 Plus Leaked Dual Camera
We’ve been told by our sources that Mi6 Plus might feature both front and back dual-cameras!
If this is true, Mi6 Plus will truly eclipse Samsung S8 and G6 at that price, but do take this last bit of news with a pinch of salt!
Mi6 Plus will also be IP68 dust and water resistant and lack a 3.5mm headphone jack!
That’s right folks, Xiaomi is diching the headphones jack too!


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