Xiaomi Mi 6 Front Glass Panel Leaked: Ultra-Narrow Bezels!

The anticipation of Xiaomi enthusiasts would have reached the peak. Why? Because this month, as Xiaomi CEO ‘Lei Jun’ said, Xiaomi Mi 6 will hit the world. With the releasing time getting closer and the closer, the design is gradually getting into a clear picture.

Recently, on Weibo, a user (@kksneakleaks) leaked Xiaomi Mi 6 front glass panel in the spy photos. Moreover, there was not one but two screen panels colored black and white. The two colors hint that Mi 6 will release in two colors at the same time, unlike Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Xiaomi Mi 6 front glass panel

However, from the picture above, Mix fans would be disappointed because Mi 6 isn’t using a full-screen design but instead uses the ultra-narrow frame (the thinnest in Xiaomi Mi / Redmi family). Moreover, the most noticeable aspect is the top front. Apart from the front lens, we also see an additional hole. Hoping to be real, it could be the iris scanner from Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup, plus a front LED flash could also be a possibility.

Another change can be seen in the home screen button which still has an oval layout, but the surface area has been increased. It is rumored that like Xiaomi Mi 5s and Huawei P10, Xiaomi Mi 6 will feature an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. So, probably the button won’t be pressable but touch-based.

Luckily, Xiaomi is increasing the production of Xiaomi Mi 6 to prevent limited stock problems, unlike Xiaomi Mi Mix. From the previous leaks, Xiaomi Mi 6 will be canceling the 3.5mm audio jack and likely be Xiaomi’s first waterproof smartphone in the Mi family. The price will exceed 1999 yuan ($290).

Source (Translated from Chinese)


  1. Galaxy S8 did a better job in this case. I know the S8 is much more expensive but still I always compare them. (A compliment to Xiaomi)

    1. Let’s hope so. Usually Xiaomi smartphones are Chinese MIIT certified but Xiaomi Mi 6 will also release in India and some other countries later so I guess it could be CE certified, not sure though.

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