AGM X1 Best Rugged Phone Review – AMOLED Display And Monster Specs!

You might not have heard of AGM, but you should have as the AGM X1 Rugged Phone is currently the best phone with IP68 Water and Dust Resistance, AMOLED Display, DUAL-CAMS, NFC, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon Octa-Core CPU and 64GB Storage.
AGM X1 Rugged phone re-defines what a phone can do and how it looks, making Samsung Galaxy Active Line, look like toys!

agm x1 review

The Design is simply – TO DIE FOR!


AGM X1 Rugged Phone – Unboxing, Contents, and Specs

AGM X1 really shines in all departments and the box and features are very premium from design to contents.

AGM X1 Box and Contents
With a QC 3.0 charger, tough USB cable and great headphones with coated cables.

AGM X1 Quick Charge
Inside you also get a Complete MANUAL, not a simple pamphlet and a tempered glass.
A premium package that even most 300$+ phones don’t offer!

AGM X1 Box and Manual


AGM X1 Rugged Phone  – Tech Specs:

AGM X1 Specs AGM X1 Specs AGM X1 Specs

AGM X1 is packed with great performance and awesome features. 

Most noteworthy – a full range of sensors and NFC.

agm x1 nfc
Really not kidding, this phone has so many sensors I’m not sure what half of them actually do 🙂

SIM card
(Micro SIM+Nano SIM)


AGM X1 Rugged Phone – Design and Build Quality

Other noteworthy features are both design and build quality. Engineering this phone was not an easy job with so much competition and considering the price tag, however, AGM passes with flying colours.

AGM X1 photo

Having top and bottom rubber bumpers not only looks good, but protects the display from a fall.

AGM X1 photo

AGM X1 photo
The device feels natural in the hand, and is neither light nor heavy, the perfect combination!
With covered charging and headphone ports to comply with IP68 water and dust resistance rating.
Having submerged AGM X1 underwater for a whole minute with working speakers it really is water-resistant is still working!



The front is gorgeous and smart at the same time. Using a front fingerprint scanner not only for unlocking but navigation(can go to home and open recent apps)making for better one-hand usage.

AGM X1 display and front fingerprint

A SuperAMOLED screen needs no introduction and believe me, this is a great AMOLED panel, losing only to the most recent Samsung devices!
Having this stunning AMOLED FHD Panel on a rugged phone is a dream come true!



Additionally, the added top and bottom bumpers provide display safety in a fall and also look unique and stylish.


The back is made out of hard plastic with textured rubber on top, adding better grip and fall resistance.

AGM X1 Back with dual cams

AGM X1 photo

AGM X1 is very solid and extremely hard to bend or force thanks to the exception construction design putting even Samsung S7 to shame.


AGM X1 Rugged Phone – User Interface

Using stock android with an app-drawer will definitely appeal to the general user.
With app drawer, just the way Android purists like it.

agm x1 stock android agm x1 stock android
AGM have added compass and outdoor tools apps and no bloatware.

agm x1 UI

Software-wise it feels like a Moto or Nexus device.You can assign navigation features to the fingerprint scanner too.

agm x1 front fingerprint navigation
The ROM is multi-language, which makes it very user-friendly.

agm x1 languages agm x1 languages

Running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop it’s not the latest software, however, on May 5th AGM X1 will receive a direct Nougat update. Unfortunately, you have to install it from your PC.

Rest assured user experience is not hampered in any way by using Lollipop. I really wouldn’t have noticed if I haven’t looked at the “About Phone” menu.


AGM X1 Rugged Phone – Performance and Benchmarks

Featuring Octa-Core Snapdragon 617 complemented by 64GB of storage and 4GB RAM sounds great. Real world usage experience is nothing short of superb.
Benchmarks scores show a mid-range picture, but I found performance to be top notch witn multi-tasking being especially smooth.

AGM X1 Antutu    AGM X1 Storage
Usually, Epic Citadel is a good judge of gaming performance, but SD617 doesn’t fair well, however, all games ran great with even heavy games like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5 playable at highest settings.


AGM X1 Epic Citadel

Battery life is outstanding with over 10-15Hrs of Screen-On-Time possible on a single charge with a mix of browsing, gaming and video watching. If used mainly for videos played from the storage you can easily get over 20Hrs of video playback – AMAZING!
Charging is very fast with Qualcomm QC 3.0 supported and featured with the given charger, topping the huge 5400mAh battery in just 2 Hrs from 0-100%.


AGM X1 Rugged Phone – Camera Review

AGM X1 Camera Review

I was really expecting a below par camera performance with manufacturing resources mostly going to build and display quality, however, I was wrong.

Images on the site are not full-resolution! To check full resolution photos click on the link below

Both cameras provide great quality for the given price. Most noteworthy here, are the dual back cams with re-focus feature and great bokeh effect.

agm x1 bokeh photo agm x1 bokeh photo
There are numerous modes and filters available as well and panorama shots are especially good with no stitching visible.
Having manual mode in both front and back camera is yet another great add-on.
In good lighting conditions photos look great using the front camera, even lower light shots retain much detail.

agm x1 photo front cam agm x1 photo front cam

Outdoor Landscapes are sublime.

agm x1 outdoors photo agm x1 outdoors photo agm x1 outdoors photo

Low light shots with both cams produce average results, but still OK for the price as there is very little noise

agm x1 indoors photo agm x1 indoors photo agm x1 outdoors low-ligh.
Video quality is ok with both cams shooting 1080p and there is EIS on the back cam.
For an outdoors phone AGM X1 could have really benefited from Slow-Motion and Time-Lapse video options, but will be available with Android Nougat Update coming on May 5th.



agm x1 rugged phone


AGM X1 is the best phone to come out of the blue. A stunning design, display, features and performance just for 259$!

With the only real fault being Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, however, the update is scheduled in just over a month and frankly, the phone runs great as it is.
With a complete sensors package, vast storage, rugged body and excellent battery life it’s not just for outdoors lovers, but I recommend AGM X1 to everyone looking for a new phone in this price range.



AGM X1 Pros:

+ Glorious FHD sAMOLED Display for full viewing immersion
+ Rugged body and stylish design
+ Excellent Battery Life
+ Front Fingerprint with Navigation Features
+ NFC and complete set of Sensors
+ Great performance, especially multi-tasking
+ Great Cameras
+ Very useful Outdoors App
+ Quick Charge 3.0
+ Premium Package and Contents

AGM X1 Cons:

– Buttons are not backlit
– Still Running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop


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