Samsung to launch the S8 Mini in competitive markets

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are undoubtedly the best smartphones out there as of now, and this time Samsung has gone for bigger display but keeping the overall size of the phones pretty compact. The S8 ad S8+ have 5.- inch and 6.2-inch display, which is massive, But Samsung is now coming up with the Galaxy S8 Mini, which will be targetted towards competitive markets.

This news comes from a well-known tech blog, which has claimed that according to insiders at the Samsung R&D the team is working on a smaller version or the Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini, which will sport 5.3-inch display. And also, the price will be around 9, which will make it affordable in the markets where mostly Chinese brands are dominating by bringing phones at very low price tag.

However, according to the source, the hardware should be same as seen on the S8 and the S8+. The S8 Mini will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor and coupled with 4GB of RAM, just like the S8 and S8+. Even the camera will be the same 12MP shooter and everything else what you find on the regular version will be available.

Though it’s not clear when the device will hit the market as currently there have been no announcements from Samsung regarding the exact launch dates in such competitive markets like China, India and south Asian countries, but we can expect this smaller variant of S8 dropping soon. If the S8 Mini is priced at 9, it will rock the market for sure and will compete with OnePlus 3T.


Source: PhoneRadar

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  1. If this price and those specs are true, IF, then hallelujah samsung you’ve gained a new buyer.

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