Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X vs. Meizu M5 Note vs. Honor 6X Phone Comparison!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is another budget oriented top-specs device by China’s Apple, but what about Phone Comparison? Featuring Snapdragon 625 and offering improved battery life, performance and new Sony IMX258 camera sensor, is this enough to beat the competition From Meizu and Huawei for the best Budget Phone Under 200$?redmi note 4X


Competing phones like Meizu M5 Note

meizu m5 note comparison


and Honor 6X

Honor 6X Comparison

also claim to be the best phones under 200$!

Now, Redmi Note 4X is the newest device of the bunch, however, newer isn’t always better.
Surely, there are some compromises to produce a device with flagship specs, but mid-range pricing? I’ve used and reviewed all three phones, so let’s get this Xiaomi vs Meizu vs Huawei battle rolling!

Phone Comparison – Design and Build Comparison

Redmi Note 4X bears the instantly recognisable Xiaomi style with a few improvements.
Faster fingerprint scanner, better camera(especially video and night shots) and much-improved battery life and thermals thanks to Snapdragon 625.

redmi note 4X snapdragon 625

redmi note 4X snapdragon 625

redmi note 4X snapdragon 625

redmi note 4X snapdragon 625




Compare that Redmi Note 4 with Helio X20 that was released last year.


redmi note 4 helio x20
Redmi Note 4 with Helio X20 Front


redmi note 4 helio x20
Redmi Note 4 with Helio X20 Back



You can tell Redmi Note 4X is a much better-crafted phone with 2.5D curved glass display.
Rest assured the differences don’t end here.

Let’s see Redmi Note 4X looks compared to competing Meizu M5 Note

Meizu M5 Note Comparison

Meizu M5 Note Comparison

Meizu M5 Note comes with 2.5 curved glass and a metal back, but with Front Fingerprint Scanner.


I have to admit, having tested both devices, they both look stunning for the price, however Redmi Note 4X’s display is better.

Now let’s take a look at Honor 6X’s design.

Honor 6X Comaprison Honor 6X Comaprison

As much as I love Honor 6X, I have to admit design-wise it takes a step back compared to Meizu M5 Note and Redmi Note 4X.



All three phones have solid design and build quality, however, Honor 6X is built with cheaper materials and is the less durable device. Speaking about looks Xiaomi and Meizu definitely have the upped hand here.

WINNER – Redmi Note 4X (Better display, advanced craftsmanship)
SECOND – Meizu M5 Note (Very close, but still second)
THIRD – Honor 6X ( Build Quality is inferior to both Meizu and Xiaomi, but not by much)


Phone Comparison – Specs Comparison


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Specs and Features

redmi note 4X snapdragon 625

5.5-inch IPS FHD Display
Snapdragon 625 (14nm) – 8×2.0GHz A53 with Adreno 506 Graphics
13MP Sony IMX258 f/2.0 PDAF, FHD Video Recording, 120fps slo-mo
5MP Front Camera
4000 mAh Battery
micro USB, Fingerprint Scanner, VoLTE, Dual-SIM
All required sensors
MIUI 8.2.3 with Android 6.0.1(Confirmed to Receive Android Nougat/MIUI 9)

Most noteworthy here is the Snapdragon 625 chip found in phones costing 100$+, like Lenovo P2, Zenfone 3 and Moto Z Play!
Xiaomi decided to break the f/2.2 mould with sub 200$ devices and finally offer a better sensor at this price range and you’ll see the results in our next round.

Meizu M5 Note Specs and Features

Meizu M5 Note Comparison

5.5-inch FHD IPS Display
Helio P10 (28nm) –  4×1.8GHz A53+ 4×1.1GHz with Mali T860MP2 Graphics
13MP Samsung Camera f/2.2 PDAF – FHD Video, 120fps Slow-Motion
5MP Front Cam
Dual Nano Sim, Front Fingerprint Scanner micro-USB
All Required Sensors
4000mAh Battery(not removable)
Flyme OS Android 6.0.1(Meizu haven’t confirmed Android Nougat for M5 Note)

Meizu did great with the design and camera, however, offer a slower and less-efficient Helio P10.
Camera-wise Meizu M5 Note is competitive, but will the f/2.2 produce good night shots?
Audio output is the best with Meizu, be it headphones or speakers.
The Front Fingerprint in all Meizu devices is preferred by most people.

Honor 6X Specs and Features

Honor 6X Comaprison

5.5-inch IPS FHD Display
Kirin 655 (16nm) – 4×2.1GHz + 4×1.5GHz A53 with Mali T830 MP2 Graphics
12MP+2MP Sony Exmor f/2.2 Camera – FHD Video, 240fps Slo-mo, PDAF
8MP Front Camera
3340 mAh Battery
micro USB, NFC, Fingerprint Scanner, VoLTE, Dual-SIM
No Gyroscope, but all other sensors
EMUI 4.1 on Android 6.0 – Getting Nougat as we speak with EMUI 5.0

Speaking of Honor 6X, Huawei really made a great phone for camera lovers and power users.
Being able to re-focus photos and have that great depth-of-field effect is a superb addition at this price point.
Honor 6X has NFC compared to M5 Note and Redmi Note 4X that don’t, however, Huawei compromised and didn’t include a Gyroscope – really baffling.
Battery size doesn’t mean less battery life here, Kirin 655 is built using 16nm, compared to Helio P10 it offers better efficiency and stays cooler.


All three phones are feature packed, however Xiaomi’s Snapdragon 625 and best camera sensor and biggest battery sets it apart from the competition.
If you’re an audiophile Meizu M5 Note will suit you best, and for those lovely bokeh effects, NFC and better Selfies the Honor 6X has those features.

WINNER – Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (fastest and most advanced chip and best camera sensor and biggest battery, but no NFC)
Second  Tie- Honor 6X (offers dual-cams and a more advanced chip than M5 Note and has NFC, but lacks gyroscope)
Meizu M5 Note (Losing in camera and Processor, but has the best audio, front fingerprint)


Phone Comparison – Performance and Battery Life Comparison

CPU clocks and Battery size don’t always translate to actual performance, that’s why I’m running benchmarks on all three phones!

Redmi Note 4X Benchmarks

Redmi Note 4X Antutu Redmi Note 4X Geekbench

Very High scores for a sub 200$ device here! In real-life usage, Snapdragon 625 is faster than Snapdragon 810 and 650. Having all 8 Cores going up to 2GHz, general performance is never lacking.
How about gaming?

Redmi Note 4X Gaming Redmi Note 4X Storage

Gaming was never an issue with Redmi Note 4X, with all games running at high settings with good frame rates. I naturally use Epic Citadel based on the PC Unreal Engine with 40+FPS needed to ensure playable frame rates with the most demanding games. Snapdragon 625 passes with flying colours.
GPS and LTE coverage was great, fast lock and good reception.
Thanks to the 14nm Fab. Process Snapdragon 625 is able to maintain high frame rates with even getting warm, so long gaming sessions are possible! Good storage speeds mean faster loading games and better multi-tasking, file compressing and video editing and Redmi Note 4X offers plausible results for a sub 200$ device!
Battery life is excellent with over 8 Hrs of Screen-On-Time on a single Charge!
If you’re thinking that Redmi 4 offers the same specs and is a better choice, you haven’t seen the build quality and must stay for the camera comparison!


Meizu M5 Note Benchmarks

Meizu M5 Note Antutu Meizu M5 Note Geekbench

You clearly see the difference here with Helio P10. With CPU and UX scores very close, however, 3D Score is two times lower than Snapdragon 625!
General performance with Meizu M5 Note was very good although not as good as with Snapdragon 625, especially in gaming.

Meizu M5 Note Gaming Meizu M5 Note Storage

Light to moderate 3D gaming runs very good on Helio P10, however, demanding games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5 and popular MOBA’s lag.
Another noteworthy fact is that Helio P10 does get warmer with more than 5-10 mins of heavier gaming and consumes more battery.
LTE coverage was very good, however, GPS lock and positioning speeds are a bit slower compared to the competition.
In reality you can get around 7-8 Hrs of Screen-On-Time, however, if you are gaming most of the time, that number will decrease to 4 Hrs. Differences are due to Helio P10 using the older 28nm fab process, which gets hotter with 3D intensive usage.


Honor 6X Benchmarks

Honor 6X Antutu Honor 6X Geekbench

CPU performance is really something on the Kirin 655 powering Honor 6X, Huawei knows how to do their chips. Multi-Core performance is really flagship level here.
In everyday usage, you will never notice any lag or performance drops here.

Honor 6X Gaming Honor 6X Storage

Storage scores are the best, meaning your apps/games will load quicker, and moving or copying bigger files will be faster.
According to Epic Citadel gaming should be great on the Honor 6, however, performance is not great compared to Snapdragon 625. Heavier games like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5 did experience dips in frame rates when placed on high settings.
GPS and LTE coverage was great, fast lock and good reception, although positioning and fix were a tiny bit faster on the Snapdragon 625, and with no Gyroscope, navigation is not as easy.
Thanks to the 16nm fabrication process Kirin 655 delivers great battery life. On par with Snapdragon 625 in any category with no overheating or throttling present.



Performance is becoming more and more important with phones as they are becoming our main computing and social devices. Browsing the web, taking photos and switching between apps with heavy multi-tasking is good on all phones, however, Redmi Note 4X and Honor 6X perform better than M5 Note.
If you are an avid gamer, the choice is clear – Redmi Note 4X.


WINNER – Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (overall the fastest device, no overheating)
Second – Honor 6X (second only for gaming results)
Third – Meizu M5 Note (a solid offering, but Helio P10 is getting obsolete)


Camera Comparison

I know that most of you mainly get a phone for the camera and Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei tend to produce the best value in any segment.
All three phones have good cameras, however, only one can be a winner.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Camera Review

Xiaomi have really stepped up the game here offering Sony IMX258 on a sub 200$ phone, but let’s see how it fares.

Redmi Note 4X Photos

Daylight images have rich detail, no overexposure and focus is fast and accurate.

Redmi Note 4X Photos

I love my macro shots and Redmi Note 4X’s camera delivers great macros, you even get a good bokeh effect.

Redmi Note 4X Photos

Night shots are usually where sub 200$ phone cameras fall apart, but here I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, there is loss of quality, but no noise is present and there’s plenty of detail, a truly wonderous feat at this price point.

Redmi Note 4X Photos

Low-light macro shots do take a few good tries to get right, but still, Sony IMX258 delivers surprisingly good results.


Front Cam is on the average side, with good photos during the day, but quality severely decreases as the light goes down.

redmi note 4X selfie


redmi note 4X selfie low light


The Main cam can shoot 1080p videos with very good quality, even at night, with only the audio quality being a bit average.
Slow motion is capped by default to 120fps and can only be shot in 720p as is the time-lapse feature.


Meizu M5 Note Camera Review

Meizu is packing a 13MP Samsung ISOCELL with f/2.2 and while on paper it sounds like nothing special this little camera peforms great.

Meizu M5 Note Camera Photo


Meizu M5 Note Camera Photo

You can clearly see the rich details and sharp images during the day. Focusing and capture speed is as good as it can get.


Meizu M5 Note Camera Photo


Meizu M5 Note Camera Photo

Even when light comes down you still get a fair amount of detail in the shots. Back when I reviewed the Meizu M5 Note it really was the best camera phone under 200$.


Meizu M5 Note Camera Photo

Meizu M5 Note Camera Photo

With an average 5MP snapper details are OK, but nothing spectacular.
Video Quality is also great for a budget phone with crisp 1080p video and the best audio recording of the bunch.


Honor 6X Camera Review

Honor 6X Camera Photo


Honor 6X Camera Photo

Honor 6X’s Sony Exmor camera captures good landscapes, however, the IMX258 in the Redmi Note 4X captures a bit more details. Macro shots with bokeh effects are the focal point here. In addition, the Honor 6X’s camera takes a tad longer to focus than Meizu and Xiaomi, but the difference is minimal.


Honor 6X Camera Photo

Honor 6X Camera Photo

You have to appreciate the wonderful depth-of-field shots you can capture, and you can naturaly re-focus the shot afterwards.

Honor 6X Camera Photo

Low-light shots are OK with good amounts of detail, but the like Meizu M5 Note, the f/2.2 aperture loses a bit more detail as light goes down.

Honor 6X Camera Photo

If you are after a better selfie-snapper the Honor 6X is the clear winner. Even in low-light selfies come out with more detail.

Video has never been Huawei’s strongest point and although the camera can record slow motion and time-lapse along with 1080p regular video the results are not as impressive as with Meizu and Xiaomi devices.


This is a very tough decision with all devices having capable snappers, but again Xiaomi just edges it with the best low-light shots and most details in good conditions. Just want to note that if you shoot more video the M5 Note should be your first choice. For all you bokeh effect and selfie lovers the Honor 6X will be the better option.

WINNER – Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X(by a very small margin)
SECOND – Tie Between Honor 6X and Meizu M5 Note




phone comparison xiaomi winner

Much of you may already know, but yes Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is the best budget phone around.
With the best processor, build quality, battery life and general camera usage it is a clear winner.

redmi note 4X snapdragon 625

Most of you may think that the review is biased, but the fact remains Redmi Note 4X wins the phone comparison with M5 Note and Honor 6X, however, Meizu and Huawei’s phones are still very good and offer different value.

Watch Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Video Review Below For More Details:

Honor 6X offers a better selfie cam, Dual-Cams for Bokeh Effect(with re-focus) and NFC.

Meizu M5 Note offers the best video quality and sound.


  1. Excellent comparison. Thanks. Glad to see Xiaomi picked it up in the camera department. The note 4x looks like a winner….As I type this from my m5 note…

    1. M5 Note is still a great device and Redmi 4 and Note 4 were lacking in camera back when M5 Note came out.
      Meizu do have M3x, but that’s not available in most countries, which is a shame, as it’s every bit as good as Redmi Note 4X.

      1. Agree with you on the m3x. Looks brilliant, and I like the p20 processor. If it was a touch cheaper with a little larger battery I’d probably get one.

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