Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert Launched – Goodbye Selfie Sticks!

First of all, Oppo is the hottest mobile company in Asia and now they’ve launched the new Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert. Being the first Front Dual-Camera phone is something relevant, yet, Oppo F3 Plus is so much more than that – it’s maybe the best camera phone TO DATE!

Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert Camera Phone

As a result in recent years, Oppo has consumers and critics wowed with incredible build quality and superior cameras. Having style to spare and youth-oriented Oppo phones are selling like hot bread.
Most of all, every new phone is sold out in seconds with customer oriented devices and not benchmarks. On top of that, Oppo are known to produce the best selfie phones and camera phones in China.
The secret to their success is due to innovation and giving something new and useful to the consumer.
Oppo’s F-line has always been selfie-oriented, although Oppo F3 Plus is perhaps the perfect phone!


Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert  Specs and Features


Oppo F3 Plus Specs Snapdragon 653



Anything you want, name it – ITS THERE!
Performance – Snapdragon 653 with 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage(expandable)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 Oppo F3

Protection – Latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5

gorilla glass 5 oppo f3
Battery Life – Huge 4000mAh Battery with VOOC Flash charge, probably fastest charging to date


VOOC flash charge oppo
Cameras – Dual 16+8 MP 120-Degrees wide-aperture Selfie  Camera with large pixels


Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert Camera Phone



The latest Sony IMX398 16MP with f/1.7 aperture Main Camera and OIS!
Same sensor found in the Flagship R9S with great night photos compared to the competition!

sony imx398 oppo r9s f3



Display – Great 6.0 inches FHD IPS Panel for viewing wide-aperture selfies!


Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert Camera Phone




Fastest and most accurate front fingerprint scanner to date.


Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Phone Camera Phone



Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert – Say Goodbye To Selfie Sticks

Most noteworthy with 120-Degrees wide-aperture Front Dual-Cam Combo you won’t need selfie sticks!
You’ll be able to fit all your friends in a single shot without additional hardware!

oppo f3 plus best selfie

Shots like that are only possible using Dual Front Cams in Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Expert.

Oppo F3 Plus Selfie Phone Camera Phone

With performance, looks, battery life and best camera combo, have Oppo finally delivered what it takes to dethrone the likes of Samsung, LG and Apple?
In addition, Oppo F3 Plus is already sold-out, even with the 500$ price tag!
Compared to Samsung and Apple who are gunning for top spot in benchmarks over the years, Oppo has given customers the perfect phone! Balancing performance, great battery life, fastest charging and Unique camera setup.

The only question now is – How will Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and LG keep up with Oppo’s imminent rise to power?

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