Google releases Android O for developers

The name of new Android version is still a Mystery.
The main focus of Android O is to make Android a little bit more friendly to use keyboard, improve battery and notifications.
  • Improvements in battery life is a hard thing to identify, specially with Nougat update. So we don’t know whether Google’s strategy will work this time or not.
  • Now the apps can group their notifications in categories called as “Channels”
  • Google is also aiming to improve sound quality with wireless headphones with “high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs.

What is “O”

Adaptive Icons

Android O introduces adaptive icons, which can display a variety of shapes across different device models.
For example, a launcher icon can display a circular shape on one device and square shape on another device.

Picture-in-Picture mode

PIP is a special type of multi-window mode which is mostly used for video playbacks.
This mode is already available for Android TV

Autosizing TextView

Android O lets you set the size of your text expand or contract automatically based on the size of the Text View.
This means, it is much easier to optimize the text size on different screens content.

Multi-display support

As we all know this feature is already present in Android N but now, the platform offers enhanced support for multiple displays.
When an app launches an activity, the app can specify which display the activity should run on.
 If an activity supports multi-window mode and is running on a device with multiple displays, users can move the activity from one display to another.

Notification channels


Android O, Google has redesigned notifications to provide an consistent and more easier way to manage notification behavior and settings.


we should expect a final version  of Android “O” to land sometime in August.

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